I recently tried a free class at HotWorx and Fell. In. Love.  I have always been a fan of hot yoga and Bikram yoga but was not impressed by the price tag.  Do you love heated work outs?  This is the gym for you!  Let me tell you more!


Things to Know

Make sure you eat at least an hour prior.  I have always needed some time between meals and work outs.  I am confident you will not get sick if you eat too close to your workout but you will need something to sustain you while you are sweating off the stress and calories.


Drink, drink, drink your water and then drink some more!  My goal is to drink a gallon today, let me tell you; not only did I need it today, but I got through my water quickly.  You can bring in water with you during your workout and you will use it. Be sure to hydrate before during and after!


The Details

You can try anything they have available, and I chose Hot Blast which is a seated elliptical class.  When I arrived, I was greeted by the accommodating staff and was shown the lay of the land.  They explained the gym to me and answered all my questions.


I went through my 12 and half minute (yes you read that correctly) Hot Blast class and was ready for round two!  I did 2 classes back-to-back and felt amazing, hours later and I have not experienced any residual soreness or fatigue.  Surprisingly, I have had more energy today than I have had in weeks.  According to the staff, the 12 and a half minute, heated class, burns calories equivalent to that of an hour cycle class.


Once a member, you will utilize an app to schedule classes and even to enter the gym.  The classes can be scheduled 24 hours ahead of time and are available 24 hours per day.  The gym is staffed about 12 hours per day but you are welcome to workout utilizing virtual instructors.  I was impressed by the security, cleanliness and safety features.  The gym has a panic button, video monitoring, doors are always locked and there are several life alert necklaces to bring into a heated room with you if you happen to be in the gym alone.



Needless to say, I am SOLD.  I signed up for a membership today and have my classes lined up for tomorrow.  There are some up front costs such as a registration fee, you must purchase a HotWorx mat and towel.  You cannot bring outside yoga mats or towels into workouts.  I was offered a promotion on the registration fee today (not related to this blog).  The monthly fee is $59 per month (hello, way less than taking several hot yoga classes and so much more variety).  In addition to the reasonable membership costs, you will receive a discount for working in a medical field.  The staff did not say how long they were offering the discounted registration fees, if you were interested, I would jump on it!  Try it out and share your thoughts!


*This is not a sponsored post.  All thoughts and details are based on my own experience and opinions.

Photo Credit: hotworx.net