​Atlanta born and raised she grew up in the newsrooms behind her Emmy award-winning father. For 13 years she has been a reporter writing for local and national publications. But when she graduated high school her homeless to journalist journey began. Elizabeth got her start as a Features Intern at the Atlanta Voice Newspaper. She had no home so she slept in the parking lot of the paper and took classes at Clayton State University. Journalism quickly became more than a passion, it was her way of survival. She took that hunger for her profession and turned it into more than 150,000 page views and 300,000 video views at the StarNews Newspaper in Wilmington, North Carolina. ​She developed the Black Issues Forum for reporters to gain insight on what affects African Americans in the city, filmed and produced a short documentary about Wilmington’s Northside neighborhood and launched StarNews Live in-office concert series. She loves telling news stories through immersive journalism, with a digital focus.​Fun Fact:
Elizabeth hosted a journal drive and collected more than 250 journals for local students.

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