Here’s a fun Q&A about Diana! 

TPA hat Diana

Describe yourself in three words:  driven, social, empathetic

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?  I love to bake cakes and other treats, so maybe a baker!

How do you maintain a work/life balance?  Ah, balance… I am constantly taking note of where my time and energy is spent, and I try to only let things into my life that are important to me and my family. I work full-time as a teacher at the school my kids attend, so that helps me see them throughout the school day. If work gets too busy, I look ahead and purposefully schedule time to spend on things that bring me joy.

What websites do you visit every day?  I’m a social media junkie, so I usually just end up on the sites people share from Facebook and Twitter.

What is your favorite drink – and where can you find it? This is a tough question! Different times of day call for different drinks – coffee in the morning, water throughout the day, Mother Kombucha for a pick-me-up (local + woman-owned!), red wine for a night with the girls, and if I’m out in Tampa – my faves are the beer sangria at Bulla and La Casa margarita at Besito!

What are your top 3 favorite local people/places/things?  I love the beach (Honeymoon Island and Ft. Desoto are a couple of my faves!), all that Riverwalk has to offer, and my Tampa Housewives community of women!

Do you have any advice for women who would like to start their own company? Find your passion first, and your love for your business will always shine through! I have met so many amazing women business owners in the Tampa area, and when they truly believe in their goods and services, it’s contagious. Keep that smile on your face and NETWORK like crazy!!

What do you envision for the Tampa Housewives community in the coming months and years? I hope to continue what I started back in 2016 when I launched this group. I have loved staying connected and meeting new people in our amazing city. When the pandemic hit, I think we all saw how important our relationships are to our happiness, and I hope to play a role in bringing people back together, whether in person or online.

Want to learn more about Diana? Check out her About Me page!


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