Full disclosure: I never would have made it through my first event without Kerri! This photo is us on the Hotel Zamora 360 Rooftop on November 19, 2019. She has been a part of our events for years in many ways! I thought it was appropriate to end Women’s History Month was a woman who is truly part of our tribe!!

Housewives in the City: Tell us about your business and how you became the successful business woman you are today.
Kerri Pagliarini: I help women to feel sexy, energized, and create a healthy lifestyle that actually lasts (…and to kick their sugar habit!). I was drawn to this work after struggling with hormonal issues for years. At the point that I ended up in the hospital needing surgery, I decided it was time to make some serious changes. 
Searching for answers, I enrolled in the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and found what I had been looking for. I began coaching women who had hormonal issues, but quickly realized that all the women had something in common. And that was an unhealthy relationship with food and mostly sugar! I began teaching classes on how to effectively kick the habit! Later I was introduced to the TLS weight management system and the program was based on low glycemic index eating – the same principals I was teaching my ladies!