Ok, so I know what you might be thinking…. I already saw that movie like 2 times. Well, I must tell you that this feels very new and different. First, there is no Farrah Fawcett hair. The first angel we meet is wearing a toned-down Farrah Fawcett wig but promptly pulls it off when it’s time for action. She has a short cut and while they don’t “label” Kristen Stewart’s character as gay, I am pretty sure she is. In an interview with Digital Spy, Charlie’s Angels director Elizabeth Banks said ““The only thing that was important to me was to not label it as anything. It’s fine if the media wants to label it, I think that’s okay, but I didn’t do that. I just let her be herself in the film.”

Elizabeth also said “ I wanted the energy of the movie to feel very inclusive….I wanted to sort of to say that Angels can come from anywhere, that Charlie is not just a man anymore, but is more of a movement, that Charlie is more of an idea, that was an overarching theme in the film…” I can tell you she achieved her goal! I don’t want to spoil anything, but I will say there were way more funny moments than I expected! There were tons of action and so much suspense. As soon as you think you figured it out, it’s like nope that’s not it. I highly suggest you grab some girlfriends and go! ​

​I was lucky to attend a free screening through a partnership with Allied Global Marketing. I attended with 12 beautiful “Housewives” from this community. The age range with about 30-60 and we all enjoyed it! Some reminisced about the TV show and some about the movies in the early 2000s. We all have our Charlie’s Angels generation, but this movie connects it all! Special shout out to Besito Mexican Restaurant for treating us to yummy appetizers before the show! I purchased both the $5 Happy hour margaritas and they were delicious!!

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