Housewives in the City SWFL is geared towards
​bringing visibility to local small women businesses.

Ladies, it is a difficult time for many – but guess what?—- We are all in this together!
We all have different lives, different goals and different challenges. But we all seek success. And if you knew you could easily help out a fellow #supportivewoman I hope you are the kind of woman who would do it. if you you thought “of course, I would help if I could.” Well guess what…here is how you can help out local small women businesses….and the best part – it is EASY and FREE! So I challenge you to do the follwoing four things at least once a week (daily would be terrific).

Four free, simple things to do to help local small businesses! 

1. Write a review
Did you have a positive experience with a local small businees? Love the food? Favorite local boutique? Express it on their reviews! Yelp, google reviews and FB reviews are so helpful for small businesses. Sharing your experience verbally for the public to see will  mean more than you can imagine. Testimonials are important for any business and truly make a difference to in helping small businesses stand out from the crowd!

2. Follow, like, comment and share their social media accounts
The more the merrier! It takes one click and helps build an audience for that business and give them credibility within the industry. Most of the time you’ll receive first news of deals by following your favorite brands + businesses. See something good on their feed? Share it! Many small businesses have new product or offer deals. Did you know a simple share widens the online exposure for that business! It lets a new audience see their company. Share words of encouragement or genuine compliments on their social posts. This helps boost engagement and lets more people see their posts.

3. Recommend them to a friend: Word of mouth brings the best customers.
​ Who do you know that would be an ideal customer for some of your favorite local businesses? Tag your friends and family on the posts you see. Or send them a quick message telling them about the business.

4. Attend Girl’s Night Out social
The monthly events give local women businesses a chance to showcase their products and services in a social setting while giving you a chance to learn about something new, make new connections and gather some positive inspiration.

Mandy Michelle Carter | Housewives in the City Regional Director | Mom BloggerDid you know, Housewives in the City Fort Lauderdale is a small business ran by a woman? 
So I’d love if you try out the above steps to help me: 

Follow my Housewives pages on Instagram and Facebook 
Write a review of my events on my Biz Profile Facebook
Let’s connect personally too on  Instagram and be my official facebook friend!

Make Plans to Attend the Upcoming Events to Meet Other Local, Supportive, Possitive Women
Facebook is the best place to stay up to date with the event dates, locations, and details. Check out what is on the calendar right now: see the event schedule

Below are just a few of the small local businesses that have showcased over the past two years at the Southwest Florida Housewives in the City events.