Arlene Johnosn is a local SWFL Artisan who shares her talent with our community through her artwork and handmade jewelry. I love discovering local artisans. Buying crafts and goods made by local makers not only supports small businesses, but is a way you can also find some incredible one of a kind pieces! I love our SWFL community and think about it, when you shop for items that are made locally, you are supportinig where you shop. The money comes from the community to produce that good and when you shop locally, it goes right back to our community. So today, I want you to meet Arlene!


Interview with Arlene Johnosn, a local SWFL Artisan

Three words that describe you:

Tell me about your business and why you started it:
Starting my business wasn’t an easy decision it was alot of hesitation at first; but I had a passion for art and all kinds of crafts. It started with me seeing some hand crafted jewelry at markets and different items here and there. I debated with my self but I pushed and started doing jewelry and different kinds of paintings. It can be very intimidating when some many other people do the same kinds of art but when it’s something you truly love everything else fades away

What motivates you to keep growing your business?
In the beginning my kids were my motivation; to show them anything is possible. With my kids all grown up now I can say my motivation comes within; having the ability to be my own boss and work on my own time. Knowing that everything I built and accomplished came from my self.

How do you keep a positive outlook even when challenges arise in your life?
Staying positive definitely comes with its challenges; but I felt for my self it’s best to take one thing at a time. I’ve learned over the years that everything happens for a reason and not to dwell on the things that are going wrong but turn and look at the things that are going right.

How many hours a week do you dedicate to your business?
When it comes to my business I dedicate my self 100%. Because I have such a passion for my work time is merely an illusion. My work is a my escape, my meditation

What do you consider your greatest professional achievement?
Just having the ability to share my work is a blessing within itself.

Felt even better when I had an opportunity to work with Make a Wish Foundation! I was assigned a little girl who LOVED DOLPHINS and I couldn’t wait to work on this project. I transformed her room completely! I design and created her dream room. It was when we reveal the room ; in that moment the joy and excitement I saw in her eyes. It was a feeling undescribable.

What are your future goals for your business?
I have always loved mom pop types of shops; they are small intimate; close and family oriented. Which is how I want to keep my business; personal handcrafted and full of passion. I love how there are no 2 items of work alike and it’s how I plan to keep my business.

Meet Arlene Johnosn - Local SWFL Artisan

What advice do you have for other women wanting to start their own business?
Believe in your self when no one else will; never settle for less!
And just because someone else is doing it doesn’t mean you can’t do it!


Where to find Arlene Johnosn
Her website is in the works!
So make sure to follow Arlene on Facebook @lemaashservices
and support her by shopping her Etsy Shop