Even though at first they might not didn’t necessarily enjoy ballet, musicals, and plays, children do learn to appreciate the beauty of performing arts. Not just as an audience member but as a performer too!

And you may be surprised to find out that it becomes something they want to do regularly. We are frequent Broadway Palm goers. The kids love the Children’s Teatre shows. And you can’t go wrong with the buffet that is offerred before the show begins- all family-friendly foods! So if you haven’t exposed your lids to the performing arts yet, give it a try.

Still not conviced, here are 3 reasons why you should expose children to theatre:

1. It Will Make Your Child “unplug” From Technology
Phones must be turned off in a theatre. They will focus their attention on the skill of live acting versus YouTube videos of kids playing. Wouldn’t you rather have your child obsessed with Broadway instead of candy crush? 

2. It’s Something All Ages Can Enjoy Together
It’s truly a family experience….everyone can enjoy it! Got a five-year-old and a sixteen-year-old? No problem! My five year old daughter laughs with me, cries at sad moments and anticipates the evend. And believe me, my Minecraft obsessed eight year old son enjoys himself completely during any play as much as the sixteen year old girl across in front of us. 

3. It Promotes Many Life Skills
Give them a larger sense of imagination-Check!
Expand their Creativity- Check!
Literacy Awareness- Check!
Watching perfomring arts will release a form of imagination that is not tapped into via digital watching. And participating in theater will give your child more co-operational skills, discipline, and even improved self confidence as well as public speaking. All of these skills are useful with any occupation, no matter if they go into the arts or STEM career direction.