Guest Poster: Courtney Laing

Since having my twins six years ago, I have been in a long, enduring relationship with clutter. Every week I promise myself that things will be different- everything will go to its own place and the chaos will stop. We all know how that turns out. One of the areas, in particular, that gets crazy in my house is the pantry. My kids literally just toss their snacks in there like they are playing Skee-Ball. Thankfully I recently worked with Athena at Happier Space, a local organizing business, to get my pantry situation under control. See the before and after below! ​


I was so happy to be able to chat with Athena to get some tips for all the clutter bugs out there like myself and to find out how you can benefit from her services.

As a professional organizer, what services do you provide?
A: My services are varied and customized to fit the need of each client with the end goal of making any space happier. If you are a homeowner preparing your home for a sale, a busy parent or professional who wants a more orderly home, a teacher needing help to set up a classroom, or a family getting re-situated after a home renovation or move. I can help with any of these phases, while working with the client’s budget and personal style to make their space calm, functional, and organized!

That’s great! Clutter seems to affect everyone, what is your #1 tip to help cut down on it?
A: My #1 tip to help cut down on clutter is to think about what you buy and bring into your home!
Of course, we all need to go shopping and buy things to run our home and to live our lives. An important caution is to be a mindful consumer, so you purchase only what is essential and perhaps save to invest in purchasing better quality items that tend to last and wear longer. Mindless purchases that enter your home need to get stored or displayed somewhere. We all have a limited amount of closet, dresser, or counter top space where owning too much can overtake and cause clutter. Therefore, the less you bring into your home, is the less you must manage.

What inspired you to get into the business of organizing?
A: I have always had the dream of running and owning my own business. I carefully evaluated my life and thought about what I enjoyed doing most. I have truly enjoyed being a stay-at-home mom and running our home. Earning my Industrial Engineering degree and working as an engineer, taught me how to improve processes, devise efficient systems, and improve product flow. I also substitute teach and can apply my classroom teaching skills to a client, as learning how to maintain an organized space is an important element for lasting results. All the above-mentioned skills and experiences work very well together and led me to this business idea/ career path in organizing.

To learn more about Happier Space, head to their website. All of our readers will get a half hour free on-site service with a three hours booked session using the code: HAPPIER HOUSEWIVES.