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My daughter, Hayden, is a December baby. This was her 4th birthday and she had yet to have a “real” party. Sure, we would gather the friends and family and sing her happy birthday with a cake but due to the craziness of the season, she hadn’t gotten to experience her own party. This year, now that she had the ability to ask for and knows how parties work, I vowed to give her a memorable one to make up for the last 4 years. (mom guilt, right?)

The thing is, I’m BUSY. We’re all busy, I know. But this year, it was busier than normal. I was getting home from a work trip to NYC the day before the party, my parents were flying into town the same day and I just didn’t have the time to even Amazon shop to try and put something presentable together.

Enter: Busy Bee Parties. This business is a LIFE SAVER and I don’t know how it’s not more of a thing than it is. It’s literally a party in a box (well, mine came in a bag, but you get the idea).  You get to pick your theme (ours was Frozen) and you get all of your Pinterest worthy decorations to use the day of. We had a hand made sign, banners, pom poms, balloons, table runners, etc – the whole 9 yards. She even included a handy kit for hanging everything so I didn’t have to worry about forgetting something (like how I forgot the forks for the cake). I got so many compliments on how it turned out too! Best of all, it’s super reasonable. Their packages start at $39 and you don’t have to feel bad about wasting things.


Hand made sign

Simple food (all purchased 30 minutes prior to party, of course)

I think these “table runners” are actually supposed to go on the chairs but I re-purposed them 😉

No fork? No problem!
There’s no doubt I will be using them again.
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PS Shout out to Montessori Kids Universe in Short Pump for allowing us to use their space for the party!