Amelia county, Virginia was my maternal family’s home since before 1865. I have heard stories from my older relatives about the Saylers Creek Battlefield running red with the soldier’s blood during the civil war. I used to be excited to sit under my aunts and my grandmother as they talked about the haints that lived at their old homestead and their times down on the family farm. I can say early on I was a genealogy junkie.
Connections fascinated me so in 2008 I embarked upon an exorbitant task to organize my family history. I felt like it was a race as my grandmother’s 16 siblings were approaching the sunset in their lives. There were so many questions I had and so much data to organize.

Close in proximity to my family homestead
The organization proved to be a problem Ancestry was expensive and limited for all the information I had. As I embarked on my journey I included my husband’s family also. They had limited information about their ancestry I considered this my duty to my children to make sure they could connect the dots.  Early in my journey, I stumbled upon a gem in Family Tree planning family social media feed page.

I fell in love with the platform at that time it was an early platform. Adding ancestors, relatives, and inlaws was a breeze on this platform. Geni also allowed for so much space for me to upload media. I had a lot of old pictures that I was so scared would be lost if they were not uploaded and identified. This provided excellent storage space for free at the time.
Geni also lends itself to be your private social media just for your family. All your treasures marriage licenses, birth certificates, family bible pages can all be shared on a platform so everyone has access forever.
It also allows you to write a narrative about your interests shows all your connections. Family tree sample picture

Flippin, Hogans, Foster Family Tree

I believe the most beloved feature of this program is the information section which allows you to show all information from where the persons were born where they died, health information, and other pertinent material about your ancestors/relatives including areas where you can share short stories. profile page Profile page

In a time frame where we often save funeral programs and have forever access to online family funeral tributes. is your one-stop to forge and keep family connections strong, share family heirlooms digitally, and write down your history for the generations to come.  I highly recommend this platform for organizing, keeping family media, and important resources.  I hope my family will have it for many generations to come.