Being a teacher at Binford, murals were all over. I never realize the amount of joy I have missed out on all these months of virtual schooling. The murals all over the school building, all around the schoolyard bought color, peace, and vibrance into an otherwise art-deprived world. There is no professional art in my home; I need to change that! Art is really inspirational…

Binford Murals


Adult Lyrics in the Songs in my playlist for Adult consumption only


Fortunately,  I live in a city that loves, supports, and sponsors artists who bring beauty and diversity to our neighborhoods. The artists can also heal our wounds and open a dialogue. Mending walls, a project by Hamilton Glass and the Community Foundation for a Greater Richmond in conjunction with Altria has opened that dialogue between artists and the community. Hamilton Glass Projects are by artists of diverse backgrounds, who produce awe-inspiring artwork that is bigger than life and conversation-provoking. Driving through the community, all you can do is stop and enamor at the artisanship.

Today I was alone so I didn’t have the opportunity to have a conversation. As I am riding in my car through the city I saw the Visual Art Center and I decided to imagine how do each of the walls align with my music. What do I hear when I see each wall?
Here is my mending walls playlist see if you agree also add your comments below tell me what song you hear when you see each wall.


2626 W Broad St Richmond, VA 23220


Wall #1

Once Upon …. With Love

Hey Young World by Slick Rick 

My Rational
I am New Yorker but as a city dweller my whole life I saw this mural and focused on that flower that was the most aligned to the beauty of children in the city.  It also denotes the need to cultivate them for them to grow

Photo by Brenda Soque

511 N Adams St
Richmond, VA 23220

Wall #2

Finding Tomorrow


Empire State of Mind New York by Alicia Keys and Jay Z

I looked at this Artistic Icon Lorna Pinckney, who was a transplant from Brooklyn NY that created a vibrant spoken word scene in the late 1990 and earth 2000s. Her foundation is the art scene in New York she created something here that never existed and left a legacy.

319 Brook Rd
Richmond, VA 23220


Wall #3
The Journey Forward

“I Know I can” Nas
The past of our children is so powerful. Knowledge of that powerful past can bring so much strength to the future.

809 Oliver Hill Way
Richmond, VA 23219


Wall #4
It is Time for a Change


A Change Going to Come  by Sam Cook

To me, this is a revolutionary piece connecting the past to the present. Sam Cookes prophetic song aligns nicely with this mural. To me what he was expecting when he said,  ” a change is going to come” is recognition of your communities worth. Sankofa is an Adinkra symbol that means ‘go back to the past to understand and progress in your future’ You need both the past and the present for growth.

1625 Hull St
Richmond, VA 23224


Wall #5
The Blackwell Drip


Drip by Cole Hicks
She was some of the inspiration behind the artwork. This piece led me to a discovery of Southside RVA.  It also put a new artist on my playlist.

Thank you for taking some time to take a tour with me. Please take some time to create your own playlist, and share it on Facebook or right here in the comments.  I am sure there are so many more inspirational playlists.  Also, please feel free to post pictures of your own tour on Facebook.  Additionally, I would like to give credit to the Mending Walls Website that has so much informative information about all the artists who made this happen, a wonderful podcast about each mural, and phenomenal photographers who graced us with the pictures I was able to share on this blog.  I used pictures from Katrina Boone and  Brenda Soque.  These artists in the community have successfully sought to build inspirational bridges, and now it is our turn!