In January I purchased 90 Goli gummies from Amazon.  COVID quarantine got me swollen and bloated.  I had all great intentions of exercising daily and taking my Goli gummies.  Of course, my optimism had me losing twenty pounds the first week.  I did like none of that. 

Goli gummies we have heard the claims. 

Aids in digestion!  Helps with weight loss! Decreases blood pressure!  Well unfortunately I have seen none of the above. 

I have used the product religiously for 30 days. I have not felt or seen any change in my digestion. I saw no change in my weight. Not sure if it was my COVID vaccination or the gummies but I had a violent bout with constipation during this time.  (Pretty sure it was the COVID shot though.) I’m regular as a groundhog in the spring, call it my daily coffee. So this got my attention.

My eating habits improved during my gummy consumption: more salads, less sugary drinks.  It wasn’t the gummies I made a focused effort to eat better.  I even included walks and exercise about maybe 3 miles weekly.  It may not sound like much but for me in my COVID quarantine movement paralysis, this was an increase.  No changes took place. 

I had high hopes for the product the jingle was catchy and the reviews were great.

Honestly, the first ingredient was pure cane sugar.  Sugar is bad but not the only red flag.

If you ever ingested apple cider vinegar you know the taste is quite overwhelming.  For the benefits, I would have to say bite the bullet.  Because packaging it nicely in a bite-size gummy bear doesn’t appear to keep all the benefits.  Although if you want a very expensive sugary snack with negligible health benefits Goli ain’t so bad.

I would love to hear if your experiences are similar.  


This, not a sponsored post. It is my opinion of this product. Image credit Evo