Rolling out of the bed on Monday morning can be extremely stressful.  So why not make Mondays your holiday.  Every day we practice mundane daily activities for all the people in our world.  Something serine something cathartic something gratifying for you.  Schedule it in your day.  Here are some ideas to keep your Monday motivational pledge on track.  Place your “Mommys Motivational Task” on your calendar so you know this is your time. 

Ideas for Mommy Motivation

  1. One 30 minute bath with a great book. 
  2. Unplug and take a solo walk and recharge. 
  3. Start your novel, book or short stories, or artistic masterpiece 
  4. Work on your passion.  Write your business plan.
  5. Plan your dream vacation

But whatever you do take care of yourself, mothers make the world go round.  Your children need you healthy, safe, and happy to provide them with everything they need to grow.   



Bubble Bath