During the pandemic, I noticed something odd. I stopped shopping for clothes. I have resorted to leggings and tops. I even purged a significant amount of my clothes just because I am just messy. Now I have less stuff to clean up. It sounds lazy, but as a person with the chaos of the brain, it is liberating to have less stuff. I encouraged my children to do the same within reason. We donated musical instruments they no longer used, clothing, toys, and books. Getting ready to bring in more tangibles that are better suited for our current situation.

It is funny, when we were are out and about in the world we often don’t realize how fulfilling shopping is. I never really thought about getting pretty and having items that are attractive in your closet is important. As a mom, your daughters watch what you do. If you don’t take the time to make yourself pretty, then your daughters won’t know how to. I know my mom was beautiful but hair, nails, and new clothes were not her priority. Instead, we spent many days at Goodwill sorting through items that were of good quality. We could have easily bought new for a similar price.  Thrifting has its place in retail therapy but today let’s talk about the actual focus of buying purposefully brand new cute items for your children and you. They don’t have to be expensive to be of good quality.

As I have gotten older a lot of clothing that I purchase needs to feel good against my skin. I don’t want rough tight clothes. So ideally when I am shopping I am looking for a wholesome intersection of comfort and fashion. It is funny my children look for the same thing they hate clothing that is uncomfortable, forget fashion, they will pick comfort every time. Soft plain T-shirts with some stretch and a decent weight are often my go too. Prints are overrated in my opinion. If I want a print, I spring for accessories or shoes. Shoes are my weakness.

Do not write off stores like ITS FASHION METRO, Rainbow, Cititrends, or Ross. I had shirts that I purchased from Rainbow from Southpark Mall that had not shrunk or faded that I just got rid of during my last closet purge. The retail therapy my daughter participated in this week included these three stores. I purposefully wanted T-shirts in summer color short-sleeved lightweight and clingy. All the shirts that I ever purchased that lasted like that came from those three places. I have purchased shirts from Old Navy have T-shirts sort of like this but they are boxy usually less clingy on my body also usually the colors and sizes are not consistently at a low price. The T-shirts I purchased for myself from IT FASHION METRO and Rainbow only put me back 7 or 8 dollars apiece but since they were on sale they were closer to 5 to 6 dollars.

For my daughter, most of the tops I purchased for her were between 2-5 dollars since she is large in juniors. Bottoms ran a little more biker shorts ranged from 4-7 dollars we purchased some lightweight joggers, green shorts, tie-dyed biker shorts with matching masks. At Cititrends there were some specialty pieces she kind of fell in love with Afrocentric shirts that I paid a little over 7 dollars for. We also got some soft denim shorts. We also got some accessories necklaces $2.99 sunglasses for $3.99. The previous I purchased some nice joggers for her from Ross really thin fabric nice for summer between $5-$7. She coupled them with plain T-shirts she is completely ready for summer.  The pandemic has put a damper on trying things on in the store so now we do at-home fashion shows. Take a look at our summer fashion Ticktoc featuring Ava and her new wardrobe.  Since we cannot try items in-store we chose to make it fun at home.


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