A long time ago, my children and I used to go to the Art Museum and look at the artwork (circa 2019). Our discussions included how the artwork made us feel, the colors, or maybe even discuss what dynasty or culture the artwork was from. Around five years back I went to a workshop on activating art or Tableau. The workshop connected the concept of taking a piece of art and acting out the concepts in the art. It made for a deeper connection to the piece of art. It commanded the art to memory in a way that just viewing and conversing about the artifact could not.

After I found this practice Art Museums were never the same for my family and me. As I took my daughters, nieces, and cousins to the museum all the art I saw I examined through a lens of production. What pose can we hold and what movements would that character make? These became the questions I asked my children. It bought a new theatrical gem to my toolkit for our family outings.

Heather Hogans at the VMFA statue

She is standing via the face as a mirror image

With all the indoor artwork that we saw we activated the art from Kehinde Wileys Exhibit.

Kinde Wiley (VMFA) Tableau

VMFA circa 2017

The natural artistic landscape of Maymont park, everything was about posing movement and photography.

Practing posing for the Art Museum in the Park

Practicing levels and Posing

Art changes our perception of the world. It can open your eyes to struggle, conflict, and provide a bridge to understanding.

Poe Museum Mending Walls Take Over

Image from Mending Walls Website

Quarantine has a hold on many of our emotions. Anxiety and negative energy needs a release. I implore you to get outside to our Mending walls and activate the art. Pose by statues all over the city mimic the movements of the figures all over Richmond. These objects and experiences are so instrumental in keeping our spirit and heart light during COVID. What is your favorite outdoor art installation? How can you activate it?