Tell us about YOU:

Describe yourself in 3 words: Relatable, Spiritual and Mother. Dang this was hard only three lol

What do you consider your greatest professional achievement? Opening and selling my Home Care Agency

What websites do you visit everyday? Google is my best friend 

What are your top 3 favorite places/things to do in RVA? The Aquarian Bookshop, Maymont Park and driving through Church Hill looking at the older houses. 

About your BUSINESS:

Compassionate Care For You is aimed to provide physical and emotional support to mothers. Letting you know you are not alone and taking care of YOU is just as important as caring for baby and child. 

Bringing home a new baby can be exhausting, hard, and overwhelming. Now of course every mother’s experience is different. And when it comes to motherhood it’s not a one size fits all. However, I can say we all can benefit from some support in all areas and stages of motherhood. 

We provide care such as light housekeeping, medication reminders, cooking, errands, care for child while you rest and emotional support.

Also, providing virtual emotional support through Zoom or telephone throughout the U.S

What inspired you to start your business? Many reasons. To prove that I could do it. To have the freedom of not being tied down working for someone else. To fill a need. And to be able to employ people which allows me to give back. 

What’s been the hardest part of running your own business? Letting go of the need to control everything. Not delegating out of fear that nobody else will do things as good as yourself.

What keeps you going when things get hard? Going back to my Why. Knowing I’m leading the way for my children. 

What’s one piece of advice you would give to someone that’s considering starting their own business? To always believe and bet on yourself. 

Where can our followers connect with you?

IG: @careformommy