In a Covid Funk here some ideas to get your family’s mind, body, and spirit back to life again. 

  1. Take a walk. Join a group, challenge yourself to 50 miles a month.
  2. Bike trails alone, as a couple, or as a family.
  3. Download an app so you can learn a new skill Duolingo, Birdnet, or Flowkey. Have your children join the fun.  
  4. Karaoke night pick a theme 80s, 90s, or Motown. Virtual or in-person, don’t forget the mic Ladies. 
  5. Do a read-aloud Instagram live great to entertain young children in your family. Disguise your voice and wear a mask.  
  6. Puppet shows are a blast. Shadow Puppets, Sock Puppets, or Paper Mache pic your poison work daily, and at the end of the week perform your masterpiece.
  7. Organize a Virtual Ladies Night at your computer with wine or ale. Sip, paint, or polish your nails. To moderate write topics in a slide-show and start a timer for each category. You can even order from the same restaurant Uber Eats Business Meeting.  
  8. Help the kids create costumes and backgrounds, then lay back sip, and laugh but only when appropriate.  
  9. Play “Name that Tune” virtually or in person. Then everyone got to sing along this-is so out of tune virtually but hilarious. 
  10. Do a creative sprint (a random art competition) with friends as a Facebook or Instagram group.



This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Photo credit is RF123.