In the landscape of my busy life, there are some apps I cannot live without. Some phone apps keep me organized some, some just provide me with comfort here are some phone applications that I use to get me through the week. I use almost all of them daily but these applications revolve around my needs as a mother, wife, teacher, and all-around socialite. Please add some apps in the comments that you cannot live without. If you all have an application that you have created/or use to fidelity that you would like me to feature on Tech Tuesday please reach out, I am accomodating and honest. Contact us at to get exposure.


The Kroger shopping application is a God sent it has easily integrated coupons which helps keep my budget intact. Although I don’t do pick up at Kroger often you might need to check this out.

Walmart Icon

Walmart application is awesome. Love the ease of use and the free pick-up for 35 dollars of groceries or more. Letting you know substitutions ahead of time is also awesome. It is a real-life saver over time.



Google Calendar
OMG so necessary for all my appointments. I have a child with severe allergies and requires shots weakly and just my doctor visits period if it isn’t on a calendar. It is free easily used you can schedule appointments through it but it is not as seamless as having the next app.

The best app for appointment slots using emails over multiple platforms. So easy to use. Set up your office hour appointment slots for you or schedule parent-teacher conferences and send out the link and people register. You can also send out reminders on multiple platforms.



Class Dojo
Game changer for the social teacher and for parents who want to stay in touch in a more alive way with your school. A great tool to connect with teachers. Accessibility is seamless across cell phones and email platforms. It is a great way for teachers to stay in contact with their parents to be quickly alerted to teachers and schools’ needs, wants, and activities.


Google Classroom/Schology/Powerschool
These are all platforms where I check my children’s assignments obsessively. We happen to be a google school so I use Google to display my student’s work and interact with them. Having it on my phone allows me to communicate directly if we disconnect by mistake during any internet outages. It also allows my student’s parents to see if they are missing assignments or see what assignments were due on what day. Parents can have access to students’ assignments and if they are doing assignments in google classroom. Beware, people, most of the time you will see multiple “turn-in” assignments that are empty so it important you go in through your children’s account in order to make sure that your child is actually handing in work to their teacher.
A quick disclosure teachers do not have to have assignments turned in in order to view them you can tell your kids not to turn in assignments or unsubmit them to see if they have done their assignments.

Snapchat (Bitmoji)
As a virtual teacher, avatars are an excellent way to connect with students. I am sure to change my avatars clothes weekly and Bitmoji classrooms landing page with my daily agenda. The way I do is through Snapchat. Having google slides with a fresh cartoony picture of Ms. Foster helps to add lightness to the day. What does Ms. Foster look like today in our classroom? What is she is wearing? I also use a talking Bitmoji recap often to rehash things we have learned the previous day. So yes I have a talking recap of what we did in previous days sometimes it is my Bitmoji sometimes it is other things Black History Figures, Women for Woman History Month, sometimes even a camel to talk about drought. That way they are getting information more than once differently plus it is downright funny their reactions. (My talking pet is that app I use to make my Bitmoji talk but you can just record a message in Snapchat also.)


Serenitytoasting with champagne

The free version is just fine. I put on my playlist set it and forget it. I use it to play music for my class. I use it to unplug from the noise in my home. It sometimes motivates me to do mundane tasks like grading papers or cleaning dishes. Just an all-around great application to unplug from the people around you during the pandemic. Yes, you need to turn their volume all the way down so you can hear your inner self.

Great meditation app. I am a talk radio person also but their motivational podcast and natural sounds help so much to decrease my anxiety and I am an anxious hot mess often. So it gets my zen back.

I am so nosey. Being able to get to news quickly and concisely through Youtube not to mention to quickly post something important on my google classroom or take a quick video to explain how to do something to my students. Remember it takes more time to write than look at a 3-minute video. What you need quickly and hopefully through a legitimate avenue. I try to avoid fake, fraudulent, unfounded avenues. It is all about science with Ms. Foster.

Connecting with the world around me

In order to be social, it is a pandemic yall. This is how I interact with adults now. Hopefully, it won’t be like this forever.

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Just being about to see people and not hear their thoughts constantly. We all have those family and friends that overshare. Oh, that is me.

Just found some great hilarious and useful information on this platform. I don’t use it daily but it is on my list to get good content into share with people in a limited period of time. Check out this short

What are your favorite phone application please comment, like and share this if it helps you in any way.  Also if you make a cell phone application or want me to test an extension and give a review. please let me review them on Tech Tuesday at Real Houswives in the city.