Welcome! ​I’m Tracyee.

My name is Tracyee Hogans Foster I have the pleasure of being your Richmond Houswives Concierge. I am a New York transplant but have been in Richmond City for over 15 years. My Alma maters are Longwood University, Virginia State University, and I dabbled in Arts Integration at the University of Richmond. So technically I am a Lancer Trojan Spider I think I am an endangered species.

I am a fan of education as well as an educator for 19 years. So expect to learn something on this journey. I am married and have a blended family. I have two grown children who are 26 and 27. They have given me my 3 precious grandchildren. I have 1 twenty years old, 13, and 9. My purpose is to help you grow your business, meet new people, expose you to new products, and have fun along the way. Housewives will be my creative space to help others make their mark. Make it yours too.

I can’t wait to meet you at an upcoming event!

Here’s a fun Q&A about Me! 

Describe yourself in three words:  

What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?  

How do you maintain a work/life balance?  

What websites do you visit every day?  

What is your favorite drink – and where can you find it?

What are your top 3 favorite local people/places/things?  

Do you have any advice for women who would like to start their own company?