I’d like to introduce you to
Linda Van Coller, Owner of Beachin’ Graphics.

About her business: 
I provide an art & design service for screen printing, advertising & promotional products – this includes digital art, logos, ads, and shirt designs for many businesses, schools/colleges, products, teams and events, mostly in South Florida.

Also, I network with several local printers for quality screen printed and embroidered shirts, as well as other printable items for your business, product or event – postcards, biz cards, banners, flags, labels, stickers, etc.

Her favorite projects:  
When I get a rough sketch or idea and create something wonderful – and it makes a customer happy!!

What’s an interesting and fun fact about your business: 
There are millions of shirts and promotional items around the world that I’ve have had a part of!

Interested in new branding for your business, like a fresh logo?  Maybe you need t-shirts designed to advertise your business?  Reach out to Linda.

I’ve been friends with Linda for six years.  Recently, she create a beautiful new logo for my photography business, Angel E. Houston, Photographer.  Literally, I gave her descriptions of what I envisioned for my new logo.  Those descriptive words were:  crisp, clean and bold.  Boom! She gave me 3 different designs and the first one was spot on!

You can reach Linda by either email or via Facebook.

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