I would like to introduce you to Becca Sherer, Founding Partner of Pomifera by Becca.

About her business:
Simple. Honest. Humble.
These are the three words we focus on daily while building the Pomifera brand. Products that are simply-formulated, honestly produced and humbly packaged, enable us to avoid passing unnecessary costs to our customers. You may not get excessive packaging or over the top advertising, but you will also not be paying for it. We believe that a net-zero carbon footprint is something to be proud of and also trust that those who gravitate to our products will value that as well. What you pay for is highly effective, precisely formulated and carefully produced ingredients, nothing more.

What are your favorite products:
Pomifera Rose, Body Lather and Hair Serum

What’s an interesting and fun fact about your business:
It’s made from the seed oil of this crazy fruit that grows in the Midwest. We had them on my family farm growing up and we called them Hedge Apples. From our company page:
Our star ingredient Pomifera Oil, discovered by our Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer, has been creating a stir since he began sharing it with the world. A PhD Chemist and self-proclaimed ‘Mad Scientist’, Todd Johnson turned what was once simply folklore surrounding a curious green “trash fruit” and unveiled it’s incredible scientific truths. The benefits and uses of Pomifera Oil have been rapidly spreading around the globe. With pages of scientific data, as well as clinical research study results, Todd Johnson has most definitely turned this trash into treasure by extracting the precious gold oil it had hidden inside of it.

You can reach out to Becca Sherer for more information via email, follow her on Instagram or join her Facebook Group.

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