We would like to introduce you to Ivelisse Davila with Monat.







Ivelisse sells products focused on anti-aging for your hair, skin and nails.  She also has a wellness vegan line formulated to strengthen your scalp, rejuvenate the follicle, help stop hair loss, stimulate hair growth and regenerate your skin for a healthy-looking youthful complexion; as well as, to improve the immune system and nails.

Products are shipped or hand delivered within 20 miles and are wrapped in beautiful packaging perfect for gifting  yourself or a friend.





Tell us about your business.

I enjoy helping other women and men to obtain the best version of themselves with a heathy hair, skin and immune system.




What are your favorite products?

Rejuveniqe Oil, Rewind, 30 Sec Miracle, Eye Smooth, Super Foods, Collagen, Prebiotics and Probiotics





What’s an interesting and fun fact about your business?

I can work and help others from the comfort of my home. Many times I get customers with different hair and skin situations and with the products I recommend, they improve their quality of life. I have many testimonies showing the before and after and it’s very gratifying to satisfy my clients needs.

If you’re looking for a new routine for your hair, skin, nails and more, be sure to reach out to Ivelisse with Monat.

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