Tell us about your business and how you became the successful businesswoman you are today. 

I started my business as a wedding officiant in 2005 while working at a prominent law firm.  I had to become a notary public for the state to execute my duties for the attorneys that I worked for and after performing ceremonies for friends and family members in this capacity, word of mouth quickly spread to call Connie if you’d like a ceremony performed anywhere other than your local church.  With so many beautiful beaches and venues in Southern Florida, wedding planning and officiating became more lucrative (and much more fun!) than that of my regular legal secretarial position and “All In One Weddings” was formed.  We now provide all inclusive packages in Florida and Maine ~ where the couples can have their ceremony, cake, flowers, photos, video, DJ, limo, and honeymoon suite with just one click.

 Where are your favorite locations for ceremonies and why?  

Fort Lauderdale Beach at Sunset is a favorite wedding destination of our team, as well as that of our couples who travel to South Florida from all over the world.  There is nothing like saying “I do” with the sand in your toes and the sun on your nose!  And those gorgeous sunset wedding photos to take back home . . . priceless!  In Maine, the famous Portland Headlight is a favorite venue of our wedding team and our happy couples (followed by an authentic Downeast Lobster Bake of course!).





Describe yourself in three words: 

Professional,  Detail-Oriented and Poised

 What do you consider your greatest professional achievement? 

140 weddings in one year! 

What are your professional goals for the next six months? 

To help rebook all of our cancelled 2020 weddings (because of COVID-19) into happier events that our couples have been waiting over a year to share with friends and family!





What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? 

I often envy my photographers who are able to magically capture the essence of love that is radiating from our happy couples on their wedding day, you can see and FEEL it in the images when they jump off the page!  Photography is such a detailed art and these priceless wedding photos are something that our couples will treasure for a lifetime.

 How do you maintain a work/life balance? 

It was harder for sure when my children were small.  Balancing a full time career, commuting, school and extracurricular activities was tough!  Now that my children have grown and gone into the world to have successful careers of their own, it leaves more “me time” to focus on growing my business in both states.





What websites do you visit every day? 

The Knot, Wedding Wire and Amazon (of course!) . . . and my own to answer the “contact us” leads that come in hourly through All In One Weddings of Florida and All In One Weddings of Maine.

 What are your top three favorite people/places/things to do in your city? 

Walk the beach, spend time with my dogs (or my children when they are in town) and marry my happy couples of course!

Do you have any advice for women who’d like to start their own company? 

Keep your day job until your passion for what you do on the side becomes lucrative enough to pay the bills and then take a leap of faith, give your notice, jump in 200%, become your own boss and never look back.

 Any final advice? 

Interview and seek the advice of other entrepreneurs who are now doing what you dream of doing one day.  Join the right online groups (like-minded professionals), intern when possible and job shadow . . . networking is key when you are starting your own business.  As they say, it’s not always what you know but who you know!

If you are a Notary Public or Ordained Minister in Southern Florida and have experience in performing wedding ceremonies, or maybe would like to start, please contact me!

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