We would like you to meet, Ana Maria Mendez with Pet Wants Coral Springs.

They sell high-quality kibble for dogs and cats, HOME-MADE products such as beef jerky, cookies, sweet potato chips, calming balms, healing salves, and anti-itch and flea/tick/mosquito repellent sprays. They also offer natural chews and treats.







~What are you favorite products?

My favorite products are our dog and cat food, home-made dog cookies, and calming balm. 






~What’s an interesting fact about your company?

Our pet food is made every 4-6 weeks, made in small batches, and slow-cooked. Not mass produced. 






What’s a fun fact about your company?

We sell our dog and cat food by the pound! So pet parents can get only what their pets need. 







Pet Wants Coral Springs offers shipping, delivery within 20 miles and can add gift wrapping with a gift tag.

If you’re looking for high quality kibble for your dog or cat, be sure to reach out to Ana Maria Mendez with Pet Wants Coral Springs.

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