One of my favorite ways to relax my mind, is to get my hands dirty with a fun project.  Watching things grow has always fascinated me.  Lately, I’ve been using scrap vegetables to grow new vegetables in our living room windowsill.  It’s quite simple and knock on wood, will be a delicious reward.

Basil is a must, in our home.  It’s my favorite herb and we have it with most meals, including our sandwiches.  Because we go through basil so quickly, I snip off the tops and put them in water to root.  After each one begins showing roots, I plant them in pots around the house.  They are so delicious but are also very fragrant.  I used this flower bud vase to root several basil plants.  This beautiful flower bud vase was a gift to me from my friend in Colorado, Jenna.  She gives the best gifts!

To get our day started, Scott and I enjoy juicing raw celery.  Now, I have quite the celery crop growing in our outdoor garden.  But, I bet you could grow them in your windowsill, too. 

To get started, simply chop the bottom root bulb, off the celery.  Place the bulb in water and leave it to sit for 5-6 days.  Soon, a new celery plant will begin to emerge from the middle of the bulb.  Loosen the soil in the ground, or your container, and plant the bulb.  Within no time, you’ll see more celery stalks emerging.

Growing Vegetables from scraps | Pompano Housewives

Another favorite vegetable in our house are onions.  We eat onions almost every day.  To get started, simply cut the root of the onions off.  Put them in water and within days, you’ll see a new onion beginning to grow.  I typically wait 4-5 days before I transfer the new baby onions from water into soil.  I have planted these inside, in a container, on my windowsill.  Now when I am in need of an onion, I won’t have to make a grocery store run.

Growing Vegetables from scraps | Pompano Housewives

Have potato eyes peeking on your potatoes?  No need to worry, those eyes are growing points on the potato.  You can plant these potatoes in the ground, and it will grow a lush, green potato plant.  After about 2-3 months, you’ll should get about 5-10 potatoes per plant.  I’ve been growing our potato plants indoors in a pot with some basil, that I rooted recently.  We’ll see what happens in about 3 months.

We have also been growing pineapples (I know, this isn’t a vegetable or herb).  It’s been so fun, but I’ve yet to grow a baby pineapple, so stay tuned.  To begin your pineapple plant, you simply chop the top green off the fruit.  Place it in water for about a week.  Loosen the soil in your container or in the ground.  Place the green top in the ground, covering the yellow areas and keep it watered. 

We found this beauty growing in our neighborhood.  Imagine all the pina coladas we could share together!

Growing Vegetables from scraps | Pompano Housewives

Ping me if there’s something I should try growing, next.

I hope you grow something delicious.