For the past five years, I’ve been going to Sea Isle with Dan’s family on their annual week-long vacation, and it’s always so much fun to spend time together and relax. I love the low-key vibe of Sea Isle, but also enjoy that if I do want to go out to do something the options are there.

This year, we were sitting in one of our favorite spots along the bay, reflecting on how much has changed for us since last years vacation. Dan’s in a Master’s degree program. We purchased a home together. We’re engaged and planning our wedding. By next year’s vacation, we’ll be married! This year was also special because we had our nephews there, Noah and Rodrick. Last year, my best friend (and future SIL!) was pregnant with her son, so it was so fun to get to see him experience the sand and ocean for the first time. Nothing like seeing the world through a child’s eyes! Noah on the other hand is just over 2 years old and has been there before; however, this was the year he really got to enjoy it as a toddler. I’ve never seen two little boys who love the water so much!


With the boys, it’s much easier to eat in the house rather than going out, so that was something new for us. In the past, we’ve gone out a few nights and cooked in the rest. The nights that we did order, we chose to get some of our favorites …. Mike’s Seafood, Marie’s Seafood, Manco’s  (on our boardwalk night in Ocean City), Hank’s Sauce, etc. I’m not a seafood eater, as I just don’t have a preference for it, but I did try a bite of scallops and didn’t mind them! Still not a fan of lobster though.

One of the nights, Dan and I decided to take some time to go on a little date, so we opted for Doc Magrogan’s Happy Hour. We were not disappointed! If you are down in Sea Isle, or even Avalon, and are looking for a happy hour in an upscale yet still “beachy” restaurant, I highly recommend. The flatbreads were good, but the potstickers were great. Order them if you have the chance! I also got the blush sangria, which was heaven on a hot and humid day. It started pouring that night… the only rain that we got!
This story was written by Allie K.