Housewives in the City was launched in 2011 in the suburbs of Washington DC by our founder, Andrea Khoury. Our Northern Virginia Housewives blog grew to be one of the most popular lifestyle blogs in the area as Andrea catered to her target audience; real women in the cities where we live.  In 2014, HITC began to expand and we are now in 30+ cities nationwide and growing!


Housewives in the City hosts monthly Girls Night Out Meet Ups + Networking socials in each city around the US.

Our Girls Night Out events are relaxed personal social networking experiences. Our goal is to provide a relaxed atmosphere for women of all walks of life to come and interact. We do not focus on any direct group of women which allows the new mom to have a night out and interact with the surgeon who needs a break after a long day.

All of our attendees have a chance to speak to you without the pressure to keep moving or the overwhelming number of vendors in general. We keep it close and intimate with little pressure. We encourage our vendors to do a giveaway/raffle so they can get contact leads as well!

We’re always looking for great venues and vendors to partner with. Please contact us if you’d like to partner for an upcoming event.