I keep reading posts from people about how New Year Resolutions are so exhausting. And while I see the point, I relish the fresh start of a New Year! Mentally, I feel revived in the idea of a starting over. REfocusing, REorganizing, REnewing, REleasing…. Not necessarily changing! I will never change, honestly.
But, I can REFOCUS my goals, REORGANIZE my home and workplace (which always feels good to me),  RENEW my efforts to uphold the values and purpose that keep me serving myself and my family to my best ability and RELEASE any of the baggage that may be hanging on from the prior year.So, instead of “NEW YEAR, NEW YOU”… I like “NEW YEAR, BEST YOU” to describe how I feel about entering a new year and a new decade! Do YOU and do it well! Don’t be afraid to REfresh your best self in 2020!