There are so many small businesses that are currently struggling due to the current pandemic and so many low cost and no cost ways that we can help them survive and thrive during this time. Wether you are staying in or shopping less you can still do your part to help local businesses around you survive and thrive during these uncertain times.

Shop Online

One way you can help is to shop online with your favorite local stores. Some may offer shipping or curbside pick up. This is a great way to give them your business while still shopping local.

Buy a Gift Card

Gift cards are the perfect way to give a local shop some much needed cash flow. These are perfect to stash away for gifts or to use later on down the road to treat yourself.

Share About Them 

Share what you love about your local small businesses. Leave them a great review online or suggest them next time someone in your neighboorhood group is looking for suggestions. Word of mouth and a great reviews gives local businesses a boost and helps them compete with some of their larger competitiors.

Use Local Businesses When Looking for Service

Yes, sometimes it is easier to just use the bigger national businesses whose name you recognize. But next time you are in need of a service look up some of your smaller local businesses that provide the same type of service. Need an oil change? Instead of hitting up the local chain oil change store you might want to check and see if there is a local shop that can help or a local service provider that comes to your driveway and performs the service for you. Not only are you helping a small business but you may even save a little money.

Social Media

Everyone is on some type of social media these days so make sure you are sharing about those local shops and services that you love. This is a great no cost way to support those local businesses in your community.