I recently came across Stitch Fix and decided to give it a try. I was excited to see that they have maternity options available so I filled out my profile and waited for my box to arrive so I could see what my “stylist” had picked out for me. My box arrived with 5 items in it to try, a personal note from my stylist, and outfit suggestion cards for each item. Take a look below at the items I received and which ones I decided to keep.

ITEM #1: Sollas Maternity Double Lined Knit Top

I liked this top but wasn’t in love with it. The material is super soft and it had a great fit, but it was a little thick for me with the double lining.

Item Returned







ITEM #2: Bella Active Maternity Nursing Bra

This Bella Active Maternity Nursing Bra was amazing. Great support and had a nice, soft feel to it. Perfect for pregnant of nursing mommas who are looking for a comfy and convienent bra.








These leggings had a great fit and a great feel to them. I personally am not a huge fan of ankle leggings and prefer full length.

Item Returned








This hoodie had a beautiful green color to it and was something that I would have never thought to try myself. The feel and quality was great and I went back and forth with keeping or returning because there were so many things that I liked about it. I would have probably decided to keep it if it was more of a tunic and didnt have a hood.

Item Returned






Love to look of this two pocket cardigan. Honestly, how can you go wrong with adding a piece like this to your wardrobe. This piece can be dressed up with a dress or thrown over a pair of leggings. A great staple to add to any wardrobe.






Overall Thoughts

I was very impressed with the quality of every item that was sent in my Stitch Fix box. All of the items were very nice and even though I didnt keep them all I loved being able to try new things that I wouldnt have normally picked out for myself. Out of the 5 items that I recieved I decided to keep 2 of them and cannot wait to see what I am sent next month.

Stitch Fix has several nice features. I loved that they send you a personalized letter which gives you the impression that the stylist really cares and enjoys picking out items that are right for you. Also, if you decide to keep all of the items that you are sent they give you 25% off your purchase.

Heres a $25 Credit to try your first box! Stitch Fix will help you discover style personalized for your taste, fit & price range. Instantly buy curated items, or order a Fix of pieces hand selected by your stylist.