Sara Lyn Carr
Canvas Hair Boutique

I’m very excited to announce our leading lady this month, Sara Lyn Carr! Sara Lyn Carr is an extremely talented hair stylist in Franklin, TN. I had the pleasure of meeting her this morning and having her work her magic on my hair. She did a phenomenal with my color, cut, and style (see the before and after pictures below).

The experience was exceptional from the moment I walked into the salon to meet her. this afternoon. Everyone was extremely friendly and the salon just had a great relaxing vibe going on. Before starting my appointment Sarah asked multiple questions trying to understand what I was looking to do with my hair, what type of color I was looking for, and my overall expectations. I showed her a couple pictures and told her that I did not want anything shorter than shoulder length, I like longer layers, and was looking to go a little lighter with my blonde and wanted to take out some of the yellow that my hair currently had in it. I also let her know that I completely trusted her opinion and was fine with her playing around with what she thought might work well for me.

And she delivered! Sara did an amazing job with my cut and color and she even taught be the best way to style it. Overall my experience was exceptional and I would definitely recommend Sarah to anyone who is looking for a stylist/colorist. I promise you will not be dissapointed!

More about Sara:

Describe yourself in three words:
Creative, confident, witty

What do you consider your greatest professional achievement?
Becoming a Redken Certified Haircolorist  

What are your professional goals for the next six months? 
To grow my business and knowledge behind the chair with education and practice, and in turn helping my salon company to grow in our community. 

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
I started my hair artist career later than most (at age 26), so I can now; after receiving my college degree and working in the “corporate world” confidently say I truly am inspired everyday by what I do and would not change this opportunity I have been afforded in any way. 

How do you maintain a work/life balance? ​
My salon company artistry SALONsouth has been great at working with me on a schedule that both helps me grown my business behind the chair, while also being able to spend the quality time I need to recharge with my loving husband and my adorable son. 

What websites do you visit every day? ​
I am all over instagram (too much), otherwise I am highly addicted to Pinterest

What are your top three favorite people/places/things to do in your city? ​
I love movies in the park with my family, any of the outdoor festivals/food truck events, and CIRCA in Thompson Station is my new favorite place!

What is your goal for retirement?​
To work hair until my body won’t let me anymore.

Do you have any advice for women who’d like to start their own company?
There has to be passion. I misplaced mine for a bit there, but when I found it again it has given me the strength and drive I need to succeed.