Hello February ♡ Here’s to my favorite season, Valentines Day and the month of Love!
Imagine if you dedicated an entire 30 days to loving yourself only, Can you imagine all the things that would change for you?
This is why it’s so important for you to understand that Money is a love language!
The love energy is inside how you use your money. The way you spend your money and how you behave with your it are all signs of affection and care, perhaps even resentment or fear.
For example, Did you know that women view life insurance as the greatest gift of Love energy in regards to money? Knowing that their family will be taken care of financially stimulates your root chakra’s need for safety and stability, all while connecting to your heart chakra of feelings that your love for others can transcend time in the form of Currency. 
Conversely, Men view ‘savings’ as the greatest gift of love to their family? For men a deep understanding that they can provide and maintain the security of his family also connects to a man’s root chakra and his primal instincts of protection. It also connects a man to his 3rd chakra which allows him to have the courage to work and earn money in order to be the man his family needs and wants.
How do you express your money as love to yourself and your family? Think about it.
Perhaps this is a good month to start securing your future by fixing your credit, getting qualified to purchase a home, buy life insurance for them, or even payoff your mortgage and other debt!
The possibilities are endless,  because Love knows no Limits!❤♾♾♾♻️♻️♻️
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Sandy Fernandez
President & Founder
Karmic Currency 
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