The pet industry covers much more than dogs and cats, with tens of millions of Americans having pets that are not feline or canine. Research by Report Linker indicates, for instance, that fish tanks can be found in around 7.2 million households, with many homeowners fascinated by the moving spectacle that fish can provide. If you are thinking of adding an aquarium to your home but you are unsure about whether or not you are ready, the following research may just inspire you to delve into the colorful world of aquatic pets.
Aquariums Benefit Your Health and Wellbeing
Research undertaken by scientists at the University of Exeter has shown that contemplating the goings-on in an aquarium leads to noticeable reductions in blood pressure and heart rate. The higher the numbers of fish, the longer people’s attention is captured and the longer the positive effect on their mood. If you ever wondered why many dentists and doctors have fish tanks at their clinics, this could very well be the answer. As the researchers stated, there is now “robust evidence that ‘doses’ of exposure to underwater settings could actually have a positive impact on people’s wellbeing.”

The Designer Touch
Fish also add a beautiful visual element to the design of your home, adding movement and capturing the eye of visitors. Some homeowners like to coordinate the color of their fish with the surroundings. It may sound a little superficial but then again, why not choose fish that complement your home? Tropical fish come in vivid hues and can actually be easier to care for than goldfish so once again, shopping around and doing a bit of research is key prior to committing.The More the Merrier?
As mentioned above, having various fish to view can arrest your attention and make the visual spectacle all the more interesting. However, when selecting an aquarium, it is vital to get both the species and aquarium size right. Fish have various needs — including specific oxygen levels and space in which to swim. Delicate species like koi fish can live in aquariums though their usual habitat is a pond. The more water in the tank (i.e. the more distance a koi fish has in which to swim) the bigger it tends to grow and the healthier it tends to be so this species is only ideal if you have the precise conditions in which to keep it healthy. Other fish do well in smaller spaces so it is important to consult with a professional regarding ideal combinations of fish to place in your aquarium. It is also important to know that fish need good air quality; they should be kept away from smoke and other pollutants that can interfere with their respiratory health.Balancing Human and Fish Health
A study undertaken by researchers at the Society for Experimental Biology found that fish that are kept alone or in groups of less than 10 show more aggressive or unnatural behaviors than those kept in larger groups. There is indeed power in numbers and this is as true for fish as it often is for human beings. Once again, the number of fish you can safely keep in an aquarium depends on the size of your aquarium – something that professionals can help you out with.

If you’ve always thought an aquarium would make a good addition to your home, researchers have now proven that it does. Watching fish in motion can reduce your blood pressure and heart rate, inducing a calmer mood. The key to making the most of an aquarium lies in taking the time to pick the right tank, equipment, and fish. You should also ensure you have the time to look after fish well and make necessary adaptations if required.