I am very excited to feature a truly amazing woman, Nikole Vincent for our Jour Leading Ladies Spotlight. Nikole is a visionary of her purpose achieving everything through grace and love. I had become connected with Nikole back in 2015 when I started my blog, The Mommy Cooler where we collaborated together on many community projects.  She is truly an inspiration and visionary while she makes connections in Hampton Roads to share her dream. I have been very fortunate to have a partnership with her while watching her grow her successful business while helping mothers when they need help the most. Learn more about my friend the stunning Nikole Vicent!

What is Mom Need Help Too?

Moms Need Help Too, LLC is a Mommy Concierge service that redefines the post-birth experience by personalizing care for both baby and mother, in the comfort of their own home. We are more than just a babysitting service, we are a complete full service “one-stop-shop” to assist mothers in being able to fully bond with her newborn without having to experience the stressors that come with new-motherhood.  

We created custom support plans with three levels of assistance; Sitter, Nanny, and Lifestyle  Manager. Alongside infant care, we offer a wide variety of catered options such as light housekeeping, pick up and drop off of school-aged children, and beauty services. 

We are fully dedicated to assisting mom from the moment she exits the hospital with her new bundle of joy, to when she becomes an empty nester. 

Nikole’s Story

A week after the birth of our third child, my husband had to return to work to his full time. I  found it quite difficult to handle my day-to-day tasks as a stay-at-home wife while recuperating from childbirth. I also had the challenge of acclimating myself and the rest of the household to the schedule of the new baby. Being originally from Pennsylvania, my husband and I found it to be very strenuous to navigate our expanding family without the help of relatives here in Virginia.  Depression, specifically the sense of being overwhelmed and alone, were feelings that I had to manage. This is when/ how Moms Need Help Too was born. 

Living in a military state which has so many military families relocating from time to time allows us to rightfully serve and service our military moms who are going through the same situation as we did.  

My passion lies within what we do for our families whether it be military, civilian, extended families, or single parents. We are determined to leave each family with a sense of ease and reassurance that they are not alone during the most treasured time in a parent’s life. 

On Running Her Business

What is the longest service you have done? 

I had a military family that was preparing to PCS to Korea. Both parents were Officers in the Army and had to take courses in upper Virginia to prepare them for their next duty station. Since the strain of their school schedule kept them away from their children during the week, they need a live-in nanny. I was able to customize a support plan and assist them with child care in their absence for the summer. 

 Was it an easy transition for you during that time being away from your family? 

It was a little difficult however I was able to spend time with my family on the weekend. When I commit myself to a family I do it selflessly and wholeheartedly.  

 What is the best part of what you do? 

Living in a military state which has so many military families relocating from time to time allows us to rightfully serve and service our military moms who are going through the same situation as we did.  

On Being a Mom

As a mom, who or what inspires you? 

My courage inspires me. I have been through many trials and tribulations on the road to adulthood. Also at the beginning of my journey as a mompreneur, I had more neigh sayers than anything. I couldn’t understand (at that time) why they couldn’t see/ understand my vision for Moms Need Help Too. I then had to learn that it is okay,  my vision was given to me. Beauty (my vision) is in the eye of the beholder (me). I have learned in life it depends on one’s perception. Where there is a will, there will always be a way. The challenges I have overcome and continue to face only makes me a stronger individual. As a parent, I am ultimately my children’s first teacher. I want to inspire them to continue to face the challenges life hands them and to overcome them with tenacity. 

10) Favorite kids snack you secretly enjoy? 

Wow, this one is a hard one LOL… I would have to say Gushers Fruit Snack.  

11) What is your favorite show to binge-watch? 

In all honesty, The Profit with Marcus Lemonis. I am always eager to learn different aspects of businesses as well as how I can do things more effectively and fluently. The day I’m not eager to learn will be the day I stop growing.

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This post is in partnership with Nikole of Moms Need Help Too LLC, all opinions are of the partner and HITC. Photo Credit: Jeanita Castille & Vincent/Moms Need Help Too, LLC