Moms are certainly the superheroes of our time. From managing the house, the kids, and a full-time job, it’s difficult to find something that a mom can’t do. These days, many moms are cultivating their own passions and skills to start a company or brand. We call them “mompreneurs”! Being a mom and an entrepreneur brings added challenges every single day. They now have to manage themselves or a team in a workspace, as well as their family. Luckily, there are several ways you, as a mompreneur, can strive to make your workspace and company as efficient and productive as possible.

Set Goals

As a mom, many of us tend to overwhelm ourselves with a long list of things that we want or need to complete. While we can get by with doing this in our own lives, it can create difficulty when working or running your own business. Setting clear and attainable goals will not only help you manage the tasks at hand, but it will ultimately create an efficient workspace for you. With too many overbearing tasks to complete, you may struggle with things like time and stress management which will decrease your productivity and efficiency in your space. Try utilizing calendars and planners to write out reasonable goals monthly or even daily. This will make them clear and concise for everyone to see and achieve in a timely manner.

Claim a Space

While running your own company has many elements that go into it, one that commonly is overlooked is the need for a separate and organized workspace. If possible, rent out an office space or set up a designated work area in your home. It’s important that you create a comfortable space where you can get work done. To tackle the clutter in your office, try investing in quality storage containers to keep all your work and documents organized. Also, decorate with office decor to make the space feel personal to you. Lastly, make sure you get rid of any distractions. For WAHMs, distractions like a home phone or TV could make certain processes take much longer to complete. So, claim your space and plan to make it as comfortable and decluttered as possible so you can stay productive every day.

Create a Schedule

With being a mom comes being busy, there’s really no way to avoid it. As a mompreneur, don’t be afraid to take advantage of your flexible work hours. However, even though you don’t have to work within the typical 9-5 timeframe, it’s still a good idea to set a consistent schedule no matter what hours you choose. When you do this, subconsciously, you will become more productive during your chosen hours because your mind has developed a habit. If you work at random hours on random days, it can be difficult for your brain to identify a pattern and be productive right when you need it to be. Creating a consistent schedule will also make it easier for friends and family around you to understand that for certain hours of the day you won’t be available because of work.

Use a Third-Party Tool

Another great tip that will help your workspace and business to be more efficient is taking advantage of third-party tools. There are a number of different project management, time management, and scheduling tools that you can try to help establish a more efficient work process without having to do all of the heavy lifting. For example, a project management tool like is perfect for entering particular tasks that you or your team need to complete over a certain amount of time. With the software, you can keep track of who is working on what project and how long it takes to complete it. Even if you’re running the business on your own, logging your tasks and projects in a platform like is a great way to keep goals on track month after month.

Prioritize Communication

Whether you’re running a business alone or with a team, good communication is essential and is the core of a dynamic workplace. When working with other team members, set up weekly meetings or conference calls to ensure everyone is on the same page with the projects and tasks that need to be completed. If you run a business alone, you still may be communicating with clients and customers. In these cases, set up an organized and professional email so you can have all business-related topics in one place to easily manage day after day.

Efficiency is key as a mompreneur as many of us don’t have much time to waste. Try implementing these tips in your own workplace and watch as your productivity in your workplace improves.

Note this is not a sponsored post. All opinions are our own. Photo Credit is  RF123