We are travel-loving people, through and through, so this stay-at-home and quarantine order is slowing killing my soul. We’ve accomplished just about all of the home projects I’ve wanted done, I’ve organized about everything we own, we’ve purged, packed away the fall and winter clothes. I’m running out of things to do to keep myself occupied, so we’ve vowed to go at least every other weekend on even a little day trip to explore somewhere new.

Today, our travels led us to the day trip of all day trips, as basic as they get, a Sunflower Field in McConnells, SC. At theΒ Draper Wildlife Management Area, you will find huge fields of Sunflowers. Despite there being probably around 80-100 people there, you’re able to keep your distance and if you get a little crafty, you’ll catch gorgeous photos with no other people in the background.

Some sunflowers are starting to droop and it is HOT out there. I mean, real HOT, but I highly recommend jumping in the car tomorrow, or next weekend at the latest and heading just outside of Rock Hill to this beautiful site.

It’s just about an hour outside of Charlotte and we elected to take the back roads down from Mount Holly which gave us some scenery of beautiful homes and pastures through the South Carolina countryside.

You’ll want to enter the Hunting and Fishing area, follow the dirt road all the way to the end where it turns into a parking lot, and the trail to the sunflowers is on the left side of the parking lot as you head in. Grab your camera and a water, because I’m not joking, it is HOT, and head up the trail of no more than 1/4 mile to the fields. There are several fields, all within eye-sight, but if you want to be on your own, be prepared to walk just a little further past the corn fields for your private spot.

When you are finished with the sunflowers, take a right out of the entrance road and go just about a mile down to Historic Brattonsville where you will find gorgeous plantation homes. The site is currently closed, due to COVID, but so worth the drive by to see even the outside of these historic buildings.

This trip was truly a photographer’s dream.