McGalliard Park in Valdese, NC is also home to the gorgeous McGalliard Falls and our day trip destination just a few weekends ago.  There are plenty of spots to take it all in or head down to the bottom of the falls. It was much busier than these photos will lead you to believe. Part of photographing these day trips has been learning to get any angle you can to capture the gorgeous scenery with no strangers photobombing.

We took the back roads and stayed off the interstate on the way out which allowed us to check out some areas we had not been through in quite a while.

The Park has a lot to offer, including restrooms and a picnic area. To reserve space under the shelter, there is a fee, so definitely look into booking that in advance if you’re thinking McGalliard is your next family gathering spot. Otherwise, there are plenty of spots you can bring chairs or a blanket and set up a picnic for free, many with a view! If you’re looking for a little more to do, McGalliard also offers nature trails and a volleyball court.

The upper area of the park is very walkable for anyone. To climb down to the bottom of the falls is a little steep, but not a long walk at all. The third photo in the slideshow above shows the pathway on the left down to the bottom of the falls.

We give this hour to hour-and-a-half day trip 4.5 stars!