We’ve thanked everyone from healthcare workers to grocery store employees to delivery people but have we thanked the kids enough for bearing the burden of what we’ve put on their shoulders this past year?

We all know kids are resilient by nature, and I am sure most of us have verbally acknowledged this. But I also know being recognized as resilient and be thanked are not the same thing. We have all made adjustments and sacrifices during this pandemic, but the children are the real community heroes in this whole scenario because unlike adults, kids have ABSOLUTELY ZERO say in their lives but are doing their very best to adjust every day with new challenges while momentous experiences taken from them that unfortunately can never be replaced.

Thank kids for being the community heroes this year - parenting blog - Mandy Carter

They have had to grow, flourish and learn in a stressed and fearful society unlike any of us have known before. A society that I am certain they feel is forgetting them right now but they will be the leaders of our what we create right now, leading in just a short decade or so. Luckily, they are resilient. Mine have actually powered through and took on school like a challenge – coming out more ahead than before. They have realized that they miss the freedom of traveling that they didn’t know was a freedom before and now they appreciate every time we get to go somewhere.

Thank kids for being the community heroes this year - parenting blog - Mandy Carter - Fort Lauderdale Housewives in the City

So go hug your little community heroes. And thank them for powering through these days with little complaints knowing they have no choice when you didn’t even know how you would survive while having options. Also keep in mind that they witnessed a lot of horrible behavior by adults, they had to hear the conversations, see the news and sit with those uneducated emotions. And nevertheless, they persisted with all the tasks handed to them all while still managing to giggle, play and enjoy their daily life.

And if you don’t have kids, thank someone else’s- if all the kids overcome this world-wide battle with strength and growth, our entire country will be better off!

Mandy Carter - Florida Blogger