The SEA LIFE Aquarium Orlando is located in the same building as the entrance to the Orlando Eye. This attraction takes the family aquarium experience to a whole new level with tons of interactive underwater displays that provides a face-to-face experience with more than 5,000 creatures including tons of colorful fish, seahorses, jellyfish, sharks, and more.

The aquarium is divided into themed habitats with kid-friendly interactive displays. I loved that a big focus is also placed on the aquarium’s rescue and preservation efforts. This had my kids asking a lot of great thought-provoking questions!
This is perfect for families with young children because it provides kid-level viewing opportunities, a hands-on rock pool, and a small playground to exhaust their energy….perfect for a rainy day in Orlando. 

Things to Know Before You Go to the SEA LIFE Orlando Aquarium

  • It is open every day of the year, 10am to 9pm. But the last entry is at 8pm.
  • They sometimes close early on nights that have special events, so like with everything check the website before you plan a visit. 
  • Check with the ticket desk to find out if there are any interactive dive shows in the ocean habitats during your visit time.
  • Special talks and feeding times take place daily throughout the aquarium.
  • Take the photo at the beginning because they offer a really cute book at the end with those photos included. The kids love the book and seeing us in it! 
  • They do not permit food and beverage inside the attraction. So drink up and finish all food before. 

Popular question: Is the SEA LIFE Orlando admission price worth it?
YES! I do feel it’s a good value. The prices are reasonable, but could definitely add up for larger families: $25.50/adults, $20.50 for kids, ages 3+ — regular pricing. There are some discounts available for Florida residents, online pre-purchases and combination tickets with the other attractions at ICON Park. The facility though smaller than most aquariums is impressive. It’s educational, fun and an experience every family member will enjoy. Skip a touristy dinner spot and go here! You will see similar pricing at most well-kept aquariums. 

Orlando Sealife Aquarium