I met Melissa at the October 2018 Girl’s Night Out event at Bluemercury.  She was one of the attendees. And then she became one of the featured businesses at the November event and a regular at all Girl’s Night Outs. From a casual hello, to working together at events to a friendship…I have had the pleasure of seeing Melissa grow as a business owner. She is an inspiring Lady Boss who followed her dream, uses her creativity talents and remains dedicated to her goal, which makes her story perfect for being showcased as a  Local Leading Lady! Here is some insight to Melissa and her business, A to Z Boutique. You can shop her store online or at one of the many local events throughout South Florida that she is at, including Girl’s Night Out!

A to Z Boutique | Meet Melissa | Housewives in the City Fort Lauderdale Local Leading Lady
Interview with the owner of A to Z Boutique: Melissa Hatten

​Three words that describe you: 
Sensitive ​

Tell me about your business and why you started it: I started the A to Z Boutique just about 1 year ago. It is named for my 2 stepdaughters Avery (8) and Zoe (6).  I have had a business in the past and knew I wanted to have my own business again. I was selling my own used clothes on a resale site and I decided to try selling new clothes, it snowballed from there. I started a website (that has gone through 3 overhauls to date) ordered my first batch of clothing and jewelry and dove into the boutique business. I love the boutique world, but my creative side was still needing something else, so I started making all my own jewelry and bags for my site.

What motivates you to keep growing your business? I am a positive role model for my stepdaughters, they see what I am doing and have already started following in my footsteps by opening their own online store. I just have a passion and love for what I do. I am amazed at what my business has become in just 1 year and I cannot wait to see what’s to come.

How do you keep a positive outlook even when challenges arise in your life? I don’t always keep a positive outlook but I have an amazingly support family! My boyfriend helps me work through my many obstacles, doubts and frustrations. My mom is my biggest cheerleader and always there for support.

How many hours a week do you dedicate to your business? My business gets at least 60 hours a week of my time. Between the social media, website, vendor events, researching/ buying inventory and handcrafting jewelry it’s more work than any other job I have had.

What do you consider your greatest professional achievement? Besides having someone write an article about me? Having a women recognize me out in public (eating lunch) from my social media and telling me how much she loves my stuff. I was so happy to see how excited she was talking about my stuff. I just love seeing women wearing my clothes, being happy and making their memories

What are your future goals for your business? I want to keep growing my online presence and eventually I would love to have a small store front.

What advice do you have for other women wanting to start their own business? Follow your dreams! Just do it, start where you can even if its small steps towards your dream. There will never be a perfect time to start so don’t wait. Its hard work but it’s worth it

Meet the owner of A to Z Boutique | Melissa Hatten | Fort Lauderdale Local Leading Lady | Housewives in the City

Fort Lauderdale Based Mobile Boutique: A to Z Boutique
From handmade jewelry and bags to trendy and comfy clothes. A to Z Boutique is an online and mobile boutique in Fort Lauderdale Florida. You can find A to Z Boutique at a variety of events throughout the area or shop online!
Website: theatozboutique.com
​Social media:   Facebook    |  Instagram

Meet the owner of A to Z Boutique | Melissa Hatten | Fort Lauderdale Local Leading Lady | Housewives in the City