I love coffee. I love breakfast with m,y coffee. Sometimes I want a relaxing place, sometimes I need a spot to get work done, sometimes I need coffee for my coffee (free refills a must on this day) and sometimes I want a fancy breakfast experience. So that is why my list of favorite coffee spots is very diverse. 

The Alchemist: Coffee and Thoughts
The perfect spot in a calm & rustic environment, with chic outside tables that happens to serves awesome coffee. 

Riverside Market: Coffee and Chill
Yes, it is a great spot for beer. But did you know they have a great breakfast and is a very chill place to enjoy coffee?! Try to breakfast croissant – it’s delicious!

Anne’s Florist: Coffee and Work
There are multiple reasons to visit- flowers and wine bar BUT it also offers great coffee and sweet treats. The atmosphere is cute, cozy and smells delightful. Always quiet, so perfect to get some work done. 

Andrews Diner: Coffee with Coffee
I love a good old fashion, traditional breakfast of eggs, bacon, hashbrowns, toast and COFFEE with unlimited refills. On those days, Andrews Diner is definitely a top choice. Good food, great price, friendly service and free coffee refills. 

Shooter’s: Fancy Coffee with Views
Ok, this is more of a brunch spot with good views to enjoy as you sip coffee followed by mimosa. But still a favorite of mine, so I couldn’t leave it off. But be ready to spend some $$$. Do Saturday yoga to save $5! 🙂 Read about my experience with that, here.

Fort Lauderdale coffee spots