Setting New Year’s Resolutions is not just for adults. Kids have things they want to accomplish too. Helping your kids set goals for the new year is a great way to get them thinking about things they can improve on like read more books or learn to play a new sport. But as a mom, I find it fun to set goals with my kids that we can work on together. 

For this new year we have decided to have a fun & adventurous 2021 by exploring more of Florida’s unique attractions. Join us in setting a goal to have more family adventures in our great state. 

Here is a short list of unique places I am considering for our 2021 family adventures:

  1. Bike through the Everglades National Park- Did you know that the Everglades is the second largest national park in the country, smaller only than Yellowstone. This is practically in our backyard! I have been here with Emi a few years ago and want to go back with the kiddos. (the picture at the top is from my previous trip – alligators are everywhere)


  2. Visit the Kennedy Space Centre- Not only tour this 140,000 acre center but also watch a rocket launch
  3. Wonder at Coral Castle- to this day nobody knows how the method of how this mysterious structure was created is still debated by scientists and architects.

  4. Museum of Science and Discovery – The museum is one of the largest in Florida and is said to have the most annual visitors of any state in the US.

  5. Camp at Wekiwa Springs State Park – Take a dip in the icy watering hole will be fun on a hot summer day!

Do you believe in, make, and keep family resolutions? I hope you follow along with me this year to see what unique Florida attraction(s) we checked off our New Year Resolution list! CHEERS!