Have you been to one of the monthly Girls Night Out Socials? No? Are you looking for a reason to attend? Well here are five ways that having a Girl’s Night is good for you!
1. You get to take off your “mom hat’ for the night
Being a mom is an amazing job to have. It’s also the hardest job you’ll ever enjoy! And thought we typically eat, sleep and breathe motherhood responsibitilites, it is so nice to step out of that role for just a few hours. Get pretty, have adult conversations, have some conktails, make new friends and just enjoy being a woman…not the mom.
Fort Lauderdale Girls Night Fashion Show at Royal Palms Pool Hosted by Mandy Carter

2. You smile a lot on a Girl’s Night Out!
If you watch a table full of ladies at a bar or restaurant you will notice tons of launghing and smiling. It is guaranteed that if you go out with just the girls, the laughs starts flowing. All of these giggle produce endorphins, relaxes your nervous system and makes you feel more positive about yourself and the world. And you will go home smiling.

Fort Lauderdale Girls Night Fashion Show at Royal Palms Pool Hosted by Mandy Carter

3. You process and purge all of your woes.
Women like to talk through our worries, so if we haven’t had a chance to chat it out in a while, then it builds up and turns into stress. We’re not necessarily looking for a solutionjust the act of sharing makes us feel better.. A great Girls Night Out allows you and your girlfriends get to whine, complain, and share about everything and anything. You get to go home with a clear head, ready to relax.4. You feel prettier after a Girl’s Night Out.
Women notice things that the men in our life don’t. And on top of that, they actually comment on those things. Did you switch shampoos and your hair is fuller…someone will notice. Did the lash growth serum start to work…someone will notice. Is that dress perfectly fitting, you will get that great comment. Rockin a new nail polish, someone will ask you where you got it. You will leave a Girl’s Night Out feeling like the rock start supermodel that you are!

Fort Lauderdale Girls Night Fashion Show at Royal Palms Pool Hosted by Mandy Carter , Florida Model and Blogger

5.  You come home energized
Though you might leave with a a cocktail buzz, the great buzz will the be the energy that you gain from a night out with some positive women. Reminds me of school days with chaotic slumber parties full of gossip, laughs and nonstop high energy. I went home exhausted but exhilarated and couldn’t wait for the next one. Similar thing happens with a Girls Night Out. You will feel recharged and reconnected with your feminine energy and power. ​
Fort Lauderdale Girl’s Night Out Socials
These are all photos from a previous Ft Lauderdale Girl’s Night Out Social. As you can see we always have a blast. The monthly networking socials are always fun. I would love for you to check out the upcoming Girl’s Night Out schedule and make plans to join us! Next one is April 29th: Derby Party at ROOFTOP! RSVP NOW!

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