4 Rivers Smokehouse was named “The Best BBQ in Florida” and one of “The South’s Best BBQ Joints” by Food & Wine and Southern Living Magazines respectively. The 4 Rivers Smokehouse Coral Springs was the thirteenth 4 Rivers location and the first in South Florida. 4 Rivers Smokehouse serves some BBQ favorites as Memphis Pulled Pork to Kansas City Burnt Ends. However, if you love brisket, the 4 Rivers’ must-try signature Smoked Texas-style Brisket is what put the family barbecue restaurant on the map.

I had the pleasure of trying out some top menu items recently and I must say it was worth the drive for my Fort Lauderdale Beach home to Coral Springs for this delicious lunch!

You will order at the counter where everything is laid out in front of you. The main problem is when you get to the front of the line and think you have your mind made up and then you see all the options you may suddenly feel the urge to change your mind…or maybe I just have a problem with too many food options!

So what did we eat?  Three of their NEW menu items and all were good.

Cheerwine Chicken Burnt Ends
Coke-a-Cola brined chicken with sweet hints of cherry, double smoked, with a Cheerwine BBQ Sauce.

The Brisket Hot Dog
The quarter pounder Signature Angus Brisket dog was served on a New England style bun topped with signature burger sauce, sliced onion and Smokehouse relish. And delicious! We had their classic creamy, Mac & cheese with baked cheese grits.

The Burnt Ends Melt
This yummy sandwich consisted of Smokehouse Burnt ends with provolone & cheddar cheese topped with caramelized onions on sliced sourdough bread.

4 Rivers Smokehouse Coral Springs | Housewives in the City Fort Lauderdale

So I rarely try out a restaurants desserts because by the time I’m done with my meal there is no way I’m going to fit another bite in my tummy especially if it is sugar loaded and delicious and guilt looking. My suggestion? Take one home or make a special trip just to try their sweets because they looked divine.

The 4 Rivers Smokehouse Coral Springs is located at The Walk at University, on the eastern edge of the Florida Everglades.

4 Rivers Smokehouse- Coral Springs Details
Address: 2660 N University Dr, Coral Springs, FL 33065
Website: https://www.4rsmokehouse.com/coral-springs/

Do you have a favorite menu item at 4 Rivers Smokehouse? As a TN girl, I am always looking for new places to try that serve up some delicious BBQ, let me know if you have a suggestion I should try next!