Balancing work and home management can be difficult. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center survey, 41% say that parenthood has made it more difficult for parents to progress in their careers. But with the right guide that will suit your family’s needs and personalities, you can juggle both and still have some “me” time. ​

As becoming a parent comes with a lot of responsibilities, you are most likely busy trying to maintain a healthy marriage, smart parenting, regular housework, stable finances, and your children’s education. Thus, these aspects can overwhelm in the long run. Proper home management is organizing all these aspects in a manner that meets the needs and personalities of your family. Here are 3 essential tips to help you navigate your way towards successful home management.

Family-First Policy
Keeping a healthy relationship with our loved ones should be our top priority when it comes to managing our home. As a wife and mother to our children, their needs and concerns should come first, rather than thinking about what food to cook for dinner or pay monthly bills. Talk to your spouse about how they can help you gather the kids and have “family meetings.” Wherein, you can talk about some issues that are not yet tackled and come up with the solution in each problem as a family.

Optimize the use of Technology
Through the years, technology has increased efficiency and productivity not only in the business world but inside of our homes. One of its advances is you can optimize the house chores through browsing some organization hacks on the internet.

This includes finding inspiration for a homemaking routine on Pinterest or learning to declutter like Marie Kondo. Not to mention, the aspects of keeping your floors clean. You can even search for credible product reviews if you are having second thoughts about choosing the right carpet cleaner that will suit your home needs.

Bond through Cleaning
Since these current times are forcing us to stay inside most of the time, one way to bond with the entire family is through cleaning the house. A strategic approach to do this is to create a house cleaning list or routine for you and the kids. This way, you and your spouse can focus on the heavy cleaning duties, while the kids can clean and organize on their own.

Teach them essential habits like putting their toys inside a basket or immediately finishing all their paperwork from school before playing—this will help them be responsible for their things. Don’t forget to make the kids understand why they’re helping with these chores, and to appreciate a job well done.

Lastly, aim to make time for yourself. Get enough sleep to keep you motivated the next day, try some trendy skin-care routines or yoga workouts to keep you fresh and healthy.