It’s International Women’s Day!

What are some ways that you will celebrate the women in your life today?

In no particular order, Denver Housewives in the City would like to highlight some women that are strong, confident, successful, supportive of others and are the types of women you want to have in your life. Some are moms, some are business owners, some have worked their butts off against all odds to get to where they are and ALL of them are amazing! xoxo – Leah

From left to right:

Erin Jones: Owner/Founder of  RepBright – Whether you’re looking to build a great reputation, or repair a damaged one, RepBright is here to help! Consultation, training, and management services. Erin and I are a product of “friends on the internet” and we are now successfully running our 2nd Non-Profit together!

Sarah Weiss: Director of Events at Novel Coworking – First off, Sarah is one of my forever friends (ask me someday about how we met, it’s a fun story) and she is one of the most genuinely positive and creative people I have ever met. Novel Coworking provides an amazing event space in addition to a number of office space types in each of our office buildings. From virtual offices, to coworking and private space, our goal is to provide our clients with every possible option when it comes to your business.

Kathleen Shelton: Realtor, Dog Mom and supporter of everyone at Keller Williams – Kathleen specializes in helping homeowners and homebuyers with a successful and smooth transaction. She is customer service oriented and will keep your best interest at heart! Kathleen is one of the most supportive and incredible friends I have made. She is always ready for my crazy ideas and spontaneous field trips.

Jami Siegfried: Owner/Broker at Siegfried Insurance Group – Siegfried Insurance Group is Veteran owned, by Jami Siegfried. Jami established her company in 2011, with a focus on families & small business insurance needs. She goes above and beyond in everything she does! Jami has been one of my ride or die friends for about 6 years now and I cannot say enough about her loyalty, fierce and bold confidence and ability to champion others.

Megan Foster: Mom, Entrepreneur and Saint Bernard lover! – Megan and I met in 2012 when I joined her in a business venture that lead us to build a crazy fun, unique and bonded friendship. I cannot do life without her. She has two adult sons that are both talented, successful and just as hilarious as she is. Megan (and her husband Dave… they are a power couple, just saying) is constantly doing exciting things, dabbling in different ventures and excelling at whatever she does!


From left to right:

Judy Montejano: Senior Loan Professional, Mom and shining star of kindness. Judy is another one of my friends that I cannot do life without. We have been fairly inseparable since we met in 2004 when we both worked at a real estate office  and realized we had the exact same pair of shoes on. The rest is history. I don’t have enough time or room to explain the amount of love and support she has given me for SO many years. We both decided to jump in head first last summer and take the classes to get our NMLS mortgage licenses. We studied together and took the tests together and we are both now gainfully employed with great mortgage brokers as Senior Loan Processors.

Alexis Watts: Director of Marketing & Public Relations at Town Center At Aurora – Alexis and I met at the Grand Opening of a local business that I will be mentioning below. Alexis is an incredibly driven, ambitious and bold leader in our community. Everything she touches, she takes to a whole new level. She is so fun and is one of the biggest supporters of local businesses that I have met.

Karen Kirkland: Owner/Founder of Champagne & Charcuterie – Karen is a true entrepreneur. After being in the skies for decades as a flight attendant and being injured on the job, she decided to try her hand at the ever so popular charcuterie platters that everyone loves. Having her own group of friends built around there love of bubbles and spirits, she came up with Champagne & Charcuterie… and boy has it taken flight (ehh… see what I did there?).

Ronica Kirwin: Entrepreneur, Holistic Health Intuitive Healer at Green Mountain Wellness Center – Ronica has been a part of many successful business in the past decade, including the development and creation of a specialized Sugar Wax for her MedSpa (Moxie Medspa). She is now working as an Intuitive Healer and has spent many hours obtaining her PHD to do so. Ronica and I founded Business Affiliates Social Hour in 2019 and love connecting with local business owners to support and spotlight!

Melissa Casaretto: Insurance Guru at The Means Agency – I met Melissa when she owned Sweet Alfas bakery and cafe in Elizabeth, CO. She has since become licensed to assist us all with any insurance needs/  She is also the best baker of the best almond croissants and cinnamon rolls ever. Melissa is the wife of a local musician, a mom of 3, has an incredible garden, 3 dogs, ducks and chickens at their rural home in East Parker. She knows the value of customer care and will do whatever it takes to do right by you and yours!

From Left to Right:

Melissa Grosboll: Owner/Founder and Chief Cookie Dough Creator at Dough Dreamery  – After years of a previous career as a Chiropractor, Melissa dreamt up the concept of having safe to eat raw cookie dough, made in house with fresh ingredients right here in Colorado. She found the perfect location on Mainstreet in Downtown Parker in the cutest store front for all to visit. Through her hard work and extra efforts in meeting people at networking events, having pop-ups at Farmers Markets and giving out hundreds of tastes… she now has an incredible business that we all love and ….crave everyday. P.S. You can take her cookie dough home to bake as well!

Susan Bertocchi: Owner Operator of Kilwins in Parker – Susan and her lovely family opened Kilwins in 2019 and they all have a special part in running the business every day! Kilwins is an amazing confectionary full of handmade caramel apples, gorgeous hand dipped chocolates, the best ice cream you will ever have and the most cozy and welcoming small town candy/ice cream shop vibes. I love walking in and being met with the warm scents of freshly made waffle cones and whatever fudge or caramel they are cooking up. Susan is one of the smartest and most straight forward women I have met recently and she is an amazing leader and role model.

Chelsea Blankenship: Full Service Denver Realtor and Owner/Founder of Colorado Girl Gang – Chelsea is a force to be reckon with. A lot of us know her as an amazing Realtor providing Gold Carpet Service in the Denver area but she also started an amazing group as a safe and all inclusive space for womxn to gather, discuss personal topics, find support in business, brainstorm ideas and just be there for each other. She has recently been recognized for her accomplishments in both endeavors and continues to pave the way for so many!

Erika Mouser: Senior Loan Officer at Custom Lending – Erika is a powerhouse in the mortgage industry with a genuinely kind and caring heart. She definitely goes above and beyond for her clients and will make sure everyone has an amazing experience. Erika is a mom of 2 boys and a house full of dogs, a lover of fun shoes and wine… and is so fun to sit and chat with. If you have any questions about anything in mortgage, please connect with her!

Kerrin Pogozelski: Owner/Designer/Maker at BuxieJo Bags – I am not sure where to even start about how much I adore Kerrin. First off, she is just one of the coolest chics you will ever meet. Kerrin’s eye for design and the level of creativity she has is incredible. BuxieJo Bags are hand designed, sewn, painted and original leather bags for the fashionable adventurer. They are modern, rustic and badass… just like Kerrin. I have loved watching her business grow and thrive over the past 5 years. She has been invited to showcase her one of a kind bags in some of the most prestigious shows in the country and has a blast traveling to them with her almost-hubby and teenage son. I applaud her drive and motivation for MORE

There are SO MANY others that deserve recognition and to be celebrated on this day! I could easily add another 2 dozen+. We all need to support each other, love on each other, come together and together… we are better!

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