Photo Credit: Honey and Birch

Create your own impressive Brunch Board for your Mothers Day feast!

Grazing boards, Charcuterie Boards and Brunch Boards have been growing in popularity over the last couple of years and they are still the perfect way to blow your guests away with a delicious display.

Anytime I create a tasting board, I decide 2 things… What am I going to serve it on and how many people should it feed? You can use anything from a cookie sheet to a cutting board, a wood plank, or a large serving dish.
Pro tip: One of the things I love to do when using wood is to line it with the sticky press wrap. This way, when you’re done snacking… you just peel that press wrap off and you’re done! No mess!

Next, you will need to determine what you want on the board. Think about flavors, textures, and colors! For a delicious brunch board, people often decide between waffles, pancakes, or french toast to start off with. I love adding candied bacon strips and candied pecans! You can add mini quiche bites, hard-boiled eggs, ham, and swiss roll-ups, other soft cheeses, and sweet bright fruits! Adding macarons, mini cinnamon rolls or small cookies adds a fun layer of “treat yo’ self”. I love adding fresh slices of pineapple, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, grapes, halved oranges with the peels on, and cherries! You can even skewer some of the fruits together if you don’t want them rolling around.

Arranging and organizing the board is easy once you get going. I always think of it as a clock. I will add the first items at 2 and 8, then 12 and 6. Add the larger items to start and fill in the rest of the gaps as you go, including lots of contrasting colors and even a few pots of honey or jam!

Don’t forget the drinks and refreshments to accompany your grazing fun!