Denver Housewives is excited to announce our Leading Ladies segment. We share with you some of the most amazing women in business, what they do, and a little bit about them.

Introducing; Tara Krauss, Owner, As Eye See It Photography

Tara specializes in headshots and professional photos, though her portfolio is vast and expansive in many areas. Tara captures beatiful images, and her unique ability to capture the best part of her subject takes your breath away.

I was fortunate to spend time with Tara while obtaining new headshots from her for professional use. Her studio is located as a separate business inside her beatuful home in Parker, CO. Tara has an additional studio in Denver, too.

Getting professional photos taken when you are not normall the subject piece for photography can be daunting, though my experience was so much fun. I felt relaxed, comfortable and the images were stunning.


Q: Tara, thank you for being with us. Tell us about your business and how you became the successful business woman you are today?

A: My photography business was born in 2006 out of my desire to raise money for charity (specifically Parkinson’s disease in honor of my mom and in memory of my grandfather). This creative spark has been molded over the course of the past 13 years, our final 3 military moves and an array of  ‘do you photograph (insert request here)’ questions.  I am a graduate of the New York Institute of Photography in both professional and portrait photography.  I have many hands-on hours in the maternity, newborn, kids and family genres.  It wasn’t until 2017 that I found my photography calling and narrowed my focus to specialize in headshots.  Headshot photography is the perfect balance for my ‘attention-to-detail’ tendencies and my inherent ability to connect with people one-on-one.

Q: Describe yourself in three words:
A: Honest, dedicated and kind

Q: What do you consider your greatest professional achievement?
A: To date, earning the prestigious title of Associate in Peter Hurley’s Headshot Crew

Q: What are your professional goals for the next six months?
A: Double the number of weekly individual headshot sessions in my studio and increase the number of on-location corporate bookings

Q: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
A: I have aspirations to be an author of a children’s book for adopted kids based on our experience of adopting our daughter from China.        Although we have come across many wonderful books in this sector, each one doesn’t quite speak to the circumstances we experienced. I would like to add my thoughts, words and pictures into a book for my daughter, and in turn other adopted children whose journeys have been similar to hers.

Q: How do you maintain a work/life balance?
A: Each day is different, and I maintain flexibility to focus on the task at hand whether it be an on-location corporate shoot, an individual headshot in my home studio, a trip to the kids’ orthodontist or even laundry. If I allow anything to build up and become a stressor, my theoretical ‘balance’ is off. Some days I’m up and ready in the studio by 5:30 am retouching images before my kids get up, while other days I’m in my pj’s until 10 am making personal phone calls and responding to texts/messages/emails. Giving myself leeway and flexibility, without the judgmental ‘shoulds’ sneaking into my thoughts allows me to steam forward and tackle things in the order they need to be handled.

Q: What websites do you visit every day?
A: As with most entrepreneurs, social media is imperative. Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are my go-to platforms each day.

Q: What are your top three favorite people/places/things to do in your city?
A: I must confess, I’m a shameless homebody. I love being home in the Pinery whether it’s working in my home studio, walking around Bingham Lake or reading a book on my back deck while enjoying the beautiful view of the Colorado mountains. My next love is spending time outdoors at parks (hiking in Castlewood Canyon) and rivers (tubing the S. Platte River) reminding me of all my wonderful childhood memories growing up in Montana. A favorite destination in Denver is taking in shows or concerts at the theaters (Shen Yun was a hit with our family). This area has it all covered!

Q: What is your goal for retirement?
A: To travel! To take more pictures! I have grand visions of hitting the open road with my husband and my camera and taking in more of this amazing US countryside. I want to add more images to my landscape gallery and provide income through that avenue (

Q: Do you have any advice for women who’d like to start their own company? ​
A: Be kind to yourself. It’s challenging building a business. Stop telling yourself excuses and take inventory of that mental talk that’s always humming in the background. You really can do anything you set your mind to, the deciding factor is just that: DECIDING. Figure out what it is you want, then figure out next a plan to set you in motion. Surround yourself with your tribe. Seek out mentors and others who have paved the way before you. Imperfect action is better than perfect inaction– just get out there and do it!

Q: Any final comments?
A: Do yourself a favor and get a professional headshot. Elevate not only the way the world sees you, but how you see yourself. In this digital age, that critical moment of a first impression is simply a glance. Don’t risk immediate oversight because of a casual selfie. Give yourself and your profession the credit that’s due. And, just as many of my clients have witnessed, you may see yourself in a new light and realize just how uniquely beautiful you are.