Meet Lauren Taylor with Lauren Taylor Health Markets out of Parker, Colorado

We love to feature the Leading Ladies in our community and Lauren Taylor is just that! She is so knowledgeable, helpful and great to work with! Read along to learn more about Lauren, her business and what makes her successful! All of her contact info is at the bottom as well! Here is our interview:

Q: Tell us about your business and how you became the successful business woman you are today.
I have been an Insurance Broker for over 12 years assisting clients with their Heath, Life, Medicare and Employer Group Insurance needs. I am so passionate about what I do and helping clients protect themselves from the worst case scenario at the lowest monthly price possible. My passion comes from my brother Parker. Parker was diagnosed with stage 4 Bone Cancer in 2008. He was given a 26% survival rate. I had no choice but to watch my family sacrifice everything so that he could have the treatment that he needed. Unfortunately, my family did not have all the insurance protection that they should have had (despite thinking they did). Our amazing community came together to support him and his life threatening treatments, but still today my family is rebuilding from the financial strain that resulted from this awful time in our lives. That is when I realized

that families like mine all over the state needed to have someone looking out for them. I didn’t want to see anyone else have to struggle during such a difficult time. I am proud to say that my incredibly strong little brother is now 30 years old and still on the long road to recovery. Because of these lives changing events, I have a very real outlook on the difference Insurance can have on a family or Individual.


I work with over 200+ carriers and I am an Enrollment Center for the State Exchange, Connect for Health Colorado. This gives me the ability to help clients with any financial assistance they may be eligible for and find the solution that fits their needs. It is sad to see how many clients are enrolled into products that they think are Health Insurance, but actually are not. I work so hard to educate clients and undo some of these policies that leave them so vulnerable. I never charge a broker fee and maintain an ongoing relationship with my clients so they have an advocate on their side at all times.

I started my career in my basement office as a single mother to my daughter. Insurance provides flexibility and stability that are so needed and were necessary for my life at the time. My husband and I are both in this industry, but with different brokerages. It is great to have each other as allies in this everchanging industry. We both quickly outgrew the basement with our fast growing businesses. We decided to hire employees to help with the growth and move into a permanent location where we could meet with clients. This was such a financially scary but overwhelmingly rewarding and exciting accomplishment for us; truly a dream come true!

Open Enrollment each year is our crazy busy time. We work 7 days a week, 13+ hour days for about 4 months and then return to a more normal schedule of 5 days a week, 8 hour days the rest of the year. COVID has had us in an “”Open Enrollment”” setting for over a year now…it’s been interesting! We try to focus on family time in the off season and take an extra day off where we can. I am so thankful for the two ABSOLUTLY AMAZING employees I have that make it all possible, I am grateful for them beyond words.

Somedays I find it easy to stay positive and others it is a challenge. You are always going to have a client that doesn’t treat you well, or appreciate your work, feel overwhelmed or overworked and need just a moment to get it together. These days come and go, but when I have a client diagnosed with Cancer, a spouse pass away, or a client just needs help finding a doctor and I have provided the solution, it makes all the hard days fade away. I love helping people and I take so much pride in insuring all of my clients as if they were my own family.


Q: Describe yourself in three words
Strong, Determined and Passionate

Q: What do you consider your greatest professional achievement?
A: I am so happy to say that I have overcome many sceptics in my career. Being self-employed is very scary. I started my business with nothing, I had to borrow money to get my license, I was a very young singe mother that did not go to college. I had the cards stacked against me, but I did it and I am still doing it with great success!

Opening my Storefront was one of my greatest professional achievements. It gave me that “I’ve made it” moment while being completely scared to death of the financial commitment I had just taken on! Without risk, there is no reward. Secondly, my brokerage has over 3000 Agents in it and Insurance is mainly a male dominated industry. I finished my year as the #1 Woman in the company, #1 Agent in Colorado and #5 Agent in the country and company overall! This was a goal of mine for a long time and it was amazing to see it manifest.


Q: What are your professional goals for the next six months?
A: My professional goals are to expand the number of Agents that are on my team and to reopen in person appointment options. COVID has created a greater need than ever for Insurance Agents that can help individuals, families and employers navigate and understand their Health Insurance options. This industry proves time and time again how necessary Agents are, that it is recession proof while being so rewarding and flexible. I need 100 of me to adequately help the millions of people that uninsured or cannot afford their insurance right now!

Q: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?
A: This is a tough question. I love cooking and entertaining, animals and flowers. Maybe a florist, a party planner a blogger, or a puppy snuggler… wait…I don’t think that is a thing or a word, but I would rock it for sure!

Q: How do you maintain a work/life balance?A: I have struggled with putting my business and clients first forever and even worse, not feeling guilty when I don’t. My husband and I are both in the same industry so this makes it even harder! We decided 5 years ago to not have a home office any longer so we can really be present when we are at home and to plan family time, date night, and self care just as I would schedule clients with my business. Planning and staying on track with that plan (while still going with the flow when curve balls are thrown) is everything! I try to map out my weeks to account for what needs to be done and what I would like to have accomplished if possible. This will be a constant battle, but I remind myself everyday that I work as hard as I do to be able to spend time with my family and enjoy the life I have worked so hard to build… so I can’t skip that part!

Q: What websites do you visit every day?
A: I love to cook and Half Baked Harvest has the most delicious foods ever!! 

Q: What are your top three favorite people/places/things to do in your city?
A: Relaxing at the end of a long week at West Main Taproom & Grill has become a favorite of mine for sure. The cocktails, people, and energy are so amazing! I am obsessed with Timeless Aesthetics Beauty Lounge in Parker (Mainstreet and Parker is the new location) for my Lashes, Permanent Makeup, Injectables, Facials, Airbrush or Spray Tanning and all the STRESS RELIEF needs you could imagine. My sister Paige is the owner and is beyond talented! My absolute favorite thing in Parker has to be Parker Days though. I grew up in Parker going to this and now it is a tradition every year with our kids. I look forward to the funnel cakes and family time so much!

Q: What is your goal for retirement?
My retirement goal is Freedom. Freedom financially, Freedom to go travel the world and just enjoy everyday to the fullest with no stress. I want to enjoy my family and friends and really enjoy the payoff of my hard work.

Q: Do you have any advice for women who’d like to start their own company?
A: My advice for woman is to let nothing stand in your way to achieve your goals. Hold yourself accountable for your own success and never wait for it to just come to you…IT WONT!! Use being a Woman to motivate you, not limit you or provide you an excuse. You are responsible for your success or failure. Ask, Believe and Receive are what I live by.

Q: Any final comments?
A: Please reach out to me if I can help you with your Insurance needs, but also if you are looking for a rewarding and lasting career. I love surrounding myself with amazing woman as clients and also Agents!!



Contact Lauren here:
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